17 February 2008

Lynive In The Now!

Lynne Naylor, well... In reality that's all I need to say for a lot of people to conjure up all kinds of thoughts. Specifically, good, futuristic and most of all fanciful thoughts. These thoughts in them selves have a way of putting people into a mental state that helps to escape life a bit.

However, until recently I didn't know how much the works of Lynne Naylor had touched me personally. It's quite amazing the catalogue of Cartoons she has created, worked on or directed that inspired me in artistic directions. Lynne's art holds a true simplicity that is founded in the mod theme through and through, while at the same time being readily accepted in a more mainstream market. Lynne's ability to hold true to both forms just helps to show how accomplished she is.

Well! How accomplished is she? Very! Within the TV world Lynne Naylor creates characters that hold to a timeless truth in their existence. This no doubt is due to the timeless Mid-Century influence that they employee in stature and demeanor.

Thru this timelessness of her art, Lynne has garnered many accomplishments in her career to be proud of. Some of which includes being creatively involved with Ren & Stimpy, Batman the animated series, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack. Her work on such cartoons has afforded her the privilege of receiving the Rueben Award in 2002 from the National Cartoonist Association. In conjunction with the Rueben Award, Lynne received the Annie Award for her work on Samurai Jack in 2002, and was nominated for the Annie Award in 2005 for her work on Foster's Home.

Even though, these forms of art may be the what she is most commonly recognized for, I find that Lynne's paintings and illustrations surpass her more mainstream accomplishments. When looking at the characters and the settings, Les Baxster, Bobby Darin and a whole slew of other space age pop artist suddenly start playing in the background and it looks like 1958 all around. Most of all, personally I just find Lynne's work to be All Mod Fun!

I really suggest taking the time to check out her work when you have some time. You will definitely enjoy it!