15 September 2009

Yeah... So We Don't Really Do Anniversaries

If you don't know that my wife is the greatest person in the world, well... she is. I can't help it. That's really is how I feel.

So, what does all this have to do with the image of the sign I made above? Well, here's the story.

Out of the almost 8 years we have together, a number of our anniversary just have not worked out. For instance, we went to a nice resturaunt, and they were completely out food. Then we went to a Pub that was completely out of Fish and Chips. How is it possible for a Pub to run out of Fish and Chips? Yeah... my thoughts exactly. Then we had the time that my car caught on fire while I was driving it. Oh yeah, there's the year the ladies kitchen caught on fire and the sprinklers flooded our apartment. We lived below her. By the way, this all really happened. In essence, the only anniversary gift that came out ok is what you see above.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a typical artist who has dabbled in a bunch of mediums. At one point, I was a sign designer and fabricator. Later I became the manager and had the opurtunity to use some old scrap for my personal art. With the materials and tools available I decided to fab a sign that reflected the interest of both my wife and myself. Since we both love vespas, it made since to make a cool retro vespa sign. Just to tie in the festive occasion I added "Anniversary Addition".

P.S. The paisley is not part of the sign. It is the back drop I used.

13 September 2009

Retro Re-Finds

Believe it or not, I am still here and working. Now I am actually working for a company creating HD lead videos. That has been taking a lot of my time. So, I decided that I would relax by looking at some of my fave vintage sites with my wife of course. What did I find? Just look below.

This is an interesting shirt with a real Tiki theme. I know that, at least a few of my followers will enjoy this piece. The details of this piece are as follows:

"Label: Bud Berma Luau - Hawaiian Festival
Unworn c
otton shirt with fabulous print
Condition: Excellent
Size: M / Chest: 40-42 / Overall Length: 29"
Price: $85
Click here to see detailed photos or purchase it.

Another cool piece is this panel shirt that is blue with white and blue check. I really like this piece. If only I wore a 48 chest, and... oh, yeah... if only I wasn't poor.

Label: T.A. Chapman & Co.

Fine turquoise gab shirt with front panels and waistband - roomy shirt appears to be dead stock

Condition: Excellent
Size: XL / 17-1/2 / Chest: 48
Price: $78
Click here to see detailed photos or purchase it.

Here's a sport shirt of style and coolsvilleness.

Label: Towncraft
Cool green with darker shade trim and pocket crest.
Condition: Excellent
Size: Large / Chest: 44 / Overall Length: 28"
Price: $46
Click here to see detailed photos or purchase it.