25 May 2013

Danish Modern On My Mind

photo source:
A really strange thing has happened to me this month. Two things, in fact. First was a friend of mine that lives in BonAire (the Danish Held Island) came to visit us. While he was here, he saw my Cradenza that I had made, then noticed my Mid-century modern woodworking books* that I have. Then he proceeded to tell me that I would like BonAire because all the Danes that live have their houses furnished with the furniture that I love so much.

Second was, someone on Facebook told me that they had been looking at Danish design online (specifically Danish furniture). He then told me that it seemed to him that the Danish Modern that we put so much effort into preserving and finding seems to be standard issue for their modern day (contemporary) furniture stores. So, due to these couple of comments, I started a full on investigation into modern day Danish furniture. While effecting this investigation, I got a bit distracted and started looking at Danish Design in general. I thought, well... why not share some inspiration with the rest. With that in mind, here you go.

1) Classic Danish modern Birds from

2) A very cool photo of Danish modern plywood molded chairs from

3) Jasper Morrison: danish design Casserole pot found on
4) Contemporary Modern Mobile sculpture found on
5)Finn Juhl feature furniture from

These are just a few designs and pieces that I found interesting this morning. Hope you have an inspired weekend, and please be safe.

Just Thought I'd Share

As we all know... once you're passionate about MCM, it's hard to get away from looking for new sources of inspiration. As I was looking for inspiration for my next project, I found this cool site. I think you should check it out. There is a TON of cool MCM furniture on here.

24 May 2013

Hidden In Plain Sight: FAB Vintage is not a new site to me. In fact, I signed up with when they first got started. Still, it only recently struck me that they had a vintage tab. I'm pretty sure that the reason I've never noticed is that I mainly looked at their featured offerings. However, recently, I found their "vintage" link on the site and took a look at what they where offering. While, I'm not going to say their offerings are super abundant. I will say that they do have really nice things for sale.

One thing to remember is that they are not selling mid-century modern* specific items. Even so, they do have a number of pieces of mcm furniture, art, and decor that you may want to take a look at. Plus, some of the non mid-century items are very cool and would fit into many retro settings.

With out any further a due, I give you's vintage selections.

 Vintage ’50s Peter Hvidt Teak Table by Peter Hvidt on's Vintage page.

Sofa with matching Love seat for sale on vintage.

One of many Quilts for sale on's Vintage section. Note: This just a portions of the whole quilt.

make custom gifts at Zazzle

First Influences: El Gato Gomez

Honestly, I do not remember the exact time in which I found El Gato Gomez*. By the time I had found her, I was already searching heavily on the net for Mid-Century Modern, or "Mod", as I thought it was called at the time. It must of been around 6 months in that I found El Gato Gomez's* works. But, WOW... how happy I was to find them.

In fact, while I appreciated all the MCM art* that I was seeing, original and revival, I was really blown away by her work. I mean, the textures, and colors, not to mention the themes... It was incredible, I mean, I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! I couldn't get enough of her works. They fit so well with all the things that I loved to look at. They were all about all the same things that inspired me.

At first, I thought that they were original vintage art. How happy I was to find that El Gato Gomez* was, and is, alive and painting. Since that time, I have yet to be disappointed. As is the case with many of my favorite artist, I had the fear that El Gato Gomez* would get a bit bored and change styles. Thankfully, that has yet to happen.

Till this day looking at El Gato's* works makes me want to pick up a brush and paint with Gouache. By the way, I REALLY DON'T LIKE PAINTING IN GOUACHE. Don't miss understand. It's not that I don't like Gouache paintings. I just don't like to use it. Even still, while I know that, looking at El Gato's paintings inspires me to pick up a brush and try. Now, for me, that's powerful inspiration.

Not only do I respect the styling and texture of the paintings by El Gato*, but I also appreciate her consistency. She never runs out of ideas it seems. Plus, El Gato* has a ton of paintings, and she turns them out so quickly. It's just so hard for me to be able to image having that kind of endless imagination.

On top of all of this, she does great sculptures too. When I just thought El Gato* was doing paintings, I was jealous enough, but then to run across an incredible sculpture and read that it was by El Gato*, that was just to much. I mean, excuse the pun please, but... then I really thought she was the cats meow.

Even after these years, I  continue to be awed by El Gato's* works. She is a painting machine. El Gato* is also very generous, in my opinion. She has always asked a fair price for her works, and continues to do so even until today.

Today, El Gato Gomez* has a number of ways that you can pick up one of these cool pieces of art. You can check out her website, check out her Ebay* store, or stop by her etsy. If you friend her on facebook, you'll also get a first hand look at the latest works, and know when they are going up on the block for purchase.

Believe me, by not checking her work out, you ARE missing something. No matter, if your interest are vintage looking head shot/portrait paintings, abstract, or sci-fi, she's got the right thing for you. She even does some still life's. Then there are those sureal, but very cool, paintings of her own paintings. I really dig those.

So, before I make to much a sap of myself, I should just say, check out El Gato Gomez's* works.

23 May 2013

Mid-Century Modern Organic Sculpture

While working on another post, I ran across this beauty*. So, until my other post is up later today or tomorrow, I leave you with this wonderful piece of Mid-century Modern sculpture to look at. When I see pieces like this, it just makes me want to go out and sculpt. To bad it's raining today... Oh well, I can dream can't I.

If you want to check out more about this piece. Price, size, and so on, you can see it all here*.

21 May 2013

It's Back In It's Intended Form: Iconic Eames Molded Chair.

Photo source:

I don't what to misrepresent any of this information as being of my original design. However, I am so happy to see that the Eames Molded chairs* will be going back into fabrication with fiberglass. is the hero, for me, as far as this post goes. It's because of them, that I even know about this topic.

Still, I have to say, that I am really happy. Not that I will be getting one of these any time soon. I don't know if you know..., but it's not easy finding a Herman Miller* store, or product* near me. So, for now, I just have to appreciate the craftsmanship from a distance. Knowing that, this chair in fiberglass, is a thousand times better than in a plastic form.

I've never been a big fan of the plastic. A few years ago, when I went shopping for some "modern" furniture at one of the stores in Atlanta, the sales person tried diligently to get me to buy one of the plastic molded chairs. I just couldn't do it. Granted, they are light and easy to move. Still, they just were never as comfortable to me. Growing up using laundry mats, I've sat in, who knows how many of the mass production Herman Miller, and copies, of this chair. So, I know very well, how they should fill. I sat in a ton of each style. While the style above, was fairly popular where I lived in Texas, at different stores, restaurants, and laundry mats, the short side (without armrest) model was much more popular in Georgia.

While, I understand the reasons for Herman Miller eliminating the fiberglass production in '89, I'm glad to see they've found a way to get the glass work back in the mix. Granted, anyone who's worked with fiberglass before, has to pity the workers a bit. Fiberglass work is one itchy profession, but man... that glass mesh texture in the chairs sure does give it that vintage feel. That makes it all worth while.

Once again, if you want the whole shin dig on what's going on in more detail, I tell you, check out WWW.GIZMODO.COM

 Also, check out the search results on Flickr for the search term "Eames Molded chair". It's pretty inspiring. Also, below you'll see Ebay search results for Eames Fiberglass Chair*.

20 May 2013

Spokane, The Ferris House

Image 9_Interior m4 by Spokane Midcentury

Image 9_Interior m4, a photo by Spokane Midcentury on Flickr.

It's seems that sometimes, even though we spend much of our time looking and researching, we can easily miss well known architecture. Recently, I was scouting around for some information on the Oyler house, and I ran across this gem of a mid-century modern house*.

Below you will find a digital magazine featuring the Ferris House. (Don't let the first page fool you.)

Spokane CDA Living, March 2013 Being built for Joel Ferris and wife, this house followed their ideal of how life should be lived. Modernly... Fighting the norm of the time, Mr and Mrs Ferris had to work for their house. Even having to find a new location because the lot they had picked out originally had was in a subdivision that would not permit their progressive ideal of living. Not giving up, they were able to find land thru a family member that allowed them to build the now famous Ferris house.

While they had originally intended to use Royal McClure as architect for their home. However, the design presented to the Ferris family, being what they felt was to easily viewed by family members property, lead them to finally using another architect, Bruce Walker.

At the same time that Mr. Walker was working on the Ferris house, he was also working on a project with Mr. Lawrence Halprin, a famed landscape architect. As Mr. Halprin was in the area working and could take on the smaller individual project, he made his services available to the Ferris couple and literally helped shape their future and environment. 

Over the years, the Ferris house was modestly expanded and modified, always using architect William Trogdon, who had worked with Bruce Walker at the same firm. Due to this, the modifications are tasteful and keep in line with the original design sense.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferris were early proponents of the modern way of living. In fact, Mr. Joel Ferris opened the first modern home wares store in the area of Spokane, Wa.. As such, he, his family, and home have had an important impact on modern history in that area and even further.

If you like to find out more details on individual aspects of the Ferris family, house, architect, landscape, location, or just see the video tour of the house and grounds, you can visit the official site at

Beyond just being a very inspiring, simple, and beautiful house, I love that this house is a self proponent showing that mid-century modern* can be sustainable and even, dare I say it, tastefully expanded and added onto. That is, if one chooses too.

If your interested in books and more info on Lawrence Halprin, here are a few books that are currently available.

19 May 2013

Martini Glass To Relax With

As usual, I was looking for information on a post subject and I got distracted. What I found was a very cool and inviting little martini glass. While not exactly mid-century modern, it definitely is simple, inviting and is made of the two most common mcm materials... Wood and Aluminum.

Being that I'm a bit more subdued in my color choices these days for house wares, my option is the one shown to the left. Simple wood brown, and white stem. There are other colors, but personally, I find the white stem to be the most simple and appealing. If you want to check out more of these glasses, check them out here.

If this isn't your style, maybe you'll find something of interest below.

Abstract Sculpture, Wayne State University--Detroit MI

Just a little something to try and keep your creative juices flowing on the last day of this weekend.