24 May 2013

Hidden In Plain Sight: FAB Vintage is not a new site to me. In fact, I signed up with when they first got started. Still, it only recently struck me that they had a vintage tab. I'm pretty sure that the reason I've never noticed is that I mainly looked at their featured offerings. However, recently, I found their "vintage" link on the site and took a look at what they where offering. While, I'm not going to say their offerings are super abundant. I will say that they do have really nice things for sale.

One thing to remember is that they are not selling mid-century modern* specific items. Even so, they do have a number of pieces of mcm furniture, art, and decor that you may want to take a look at. Plus, some of the non mid-century items are very cool and would fit into many retro settings.

With out any further a due, I give you's vintage selections.

 Vintage ’50s Peter Hvidt Teak Table by Peter Hvidt on's Vintage page.

Sofa with matching Love seat for sale on vintage.

One of many Quilts for sale on's Vintage section. Note: This just a portions of the whole quilt.

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