17 July 2009

Still Just Doodling

As I try to find a way to make a living on my art I find myself creating almost everyday. Some days I have more drive than others. The crazy thing is, I never really seem to get tired of drawing, sculpting or doodling. Many times I look around on the net to find different styles and artists. As I find something new I play around with new shapes and designs while trying to work them into my own style. These here are just a few from the past day or two. These are not completed compositions, they are just doodles. I hope you can see the creative process here.

With most of these illustrations, I've been focusing on the shadowing on the floor and the walls. I'm also playing with different kinds of textures.

15 July 2009

The End Of The Line

Photo source: phil toselli's photostream
If any of us have art out there on flickr and do a tag search for art to see how far down the line it lays, we may be surprised. When I searched mine, however, I was not surprised. I found my first one on page 25. That's really not too bad considering that under the search phrase I used there are 102 pages.

In reality though, this post isn't about me at all. This experience just got me thinking about the fact that I never go to the end of the search to see what it offers for my viewing pleasure. Therefore, I am going to bring you some highlights every now and again about what I'm finding from the back to the front. I'm going to pick out one picture from each page.

Just so that everyone understands, I used the tag search of mid-century art on flickr, and this first segment will be a pick from pages 101.

The image above comes from phil toselli's photostream. Later I plan of finding out more about this "David Wiedman" as well. If I find anything good. I will post about it.

12 July 2009

Why Piet Mondrian...? Why not?

We all know the art of Piet Mondrian, and most of us appreciate it. His art has always captured my attention. Not only that, but also, while watching Green Acres I find myself thinking of his art and how it became so famous while being so simplistic. By the reference to Green Acres I am not berating the art of Piet Mondrian, it's just that Lisa Douglas has a Piet Mondrian. I guess there really is a lot to be said with little, right? So I am going to follow his example and leave this post short, but hopefully, full of inspiration. Check out the art below, and...I hope you enjoy and are inspired by it.