13 June 2009

Buffet or Dresser?

This is a question that came up recently on my Flickr account (and yes... I am posting this tonight just because of you Tikimama). So as Tikimama was looking thru my photos she saw the doors slide to one side. Therefore she though that I was making a simple buffet, and this is where my story begins.

Ok, so we live in Chile South America, if you haven't seen from some of my other posts. We chose to live here based on a number of things. We ended up picking a small town a few hours south of Santiago. By the way, I mean SMALL! The community is about 10 miles in length by about 6 miles wide. In this sector there is only a population of about 8000. It is mostly vineyards, Kiwi vineyards, apple orchards, cherrie orchards, and... oh yes, did I mention vineyards? The area is fairly poor. Not extremely, but none the less poor.

Just to give an example, I bought a Suzuki Samurai 1998 and now all our neighbors think we are rich. Very few people here have cars, and for this reason, we drive very little. Plus gas is like 3 to 4 dollars a gallon on a regular basis.

It's very calm here, with hardly any crime or violence. The most common crime is that someone's bike, cow, or horse is stolen. I'm not joking about the animals. Everyone works in agriculture. It's E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y rare to find someone that works in another field.

That's a short cap to help explain a little about the buffet/dresser that I'm building. There are very few places available to rent here in this town. The one we found is small. It is about 400 sf, and all kinds of oddly laid out. We have a 10 ft x 20 ft bottom floor where the bathroom and kitchen is and a 10 ft x 20 ft upper lever which is our living and bedroom.

When the buffet/dresser is finished, the Tv will sit on top of it and that is the reason that I am making it like I am. See, I wanted something that looked like a buffet while looking at it, since... I will be doing a lot of looking at it. This being the case, plus the fact that we still don't have a place for our... oohhh... I'm blushing... je je je under ware, I decided to make one the other. I hope you got all that.

The front will have the two sliding doors. One will have a Witco-ish design on it (which I cut today). The other will just be a solid stained door with a handle. The inside of the cabinet will have 6 drawers with a shelve-less compartment in the middle. This compartment will be about half way accessible while the sliding doors are move all the way to one or the other sides. There will be 3 drawers on each side. The draw back to this is that you can only access one side or the other at one time. Oh well I guess... the things we do for looks.

I have changed the legs from the drawing a little bit. The legs will now be 9 inches tall and the overall piece will stand 29 inches. This is in comparison to the 4 inch legs as original and a 24 inch standing hight.

All wood is Eucalyptus plywood with raw edges. I love plywood and the layers that can be seen from the ends.

Really for now, that's all I have. I will post again when it is finished, or at least close to being finished.

Note: I am by no means an experienced wood worker and am always looking for information on the subject. Especially in connection to mid-century modern woodworking. Also, sometime tomorrow my editor and chief will edit this and make all my mistakes go away. Enjoy the raw art NOW before it is erased from humanity for ever.

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08 June 2009

It's just like that! Well...sort'a??!

This here is my art. It was inspired by something. No. really... that's more or less it. 

Ok, I know it was inspired by the great old Motor Inn signs. You know... the ones that littered all the major highways before those new fangled things we now call "Interstates" came and by-passed them. Yep, those are the same ones. 

It's interesting because I really don't remember which site or sign really inspired me. However, it was a sign, and for this reason I am going to feature another treasure that I found by digging thru the links on Tikimama's blog She has been helping me be inspired a lot lately. That's when you know that someone has a good blog. This inspiration really came from one of her links but, in the end, I found it thru her. So, that counts. 

Truthfully, I will probably just keep following this inspiration for now. What can I say? It seems to be working. 

Oh! But, wait! That's not all. See, while I was looking at this site that I found, I thought of you. That's right, I thought of each and every one of my readers. So here is my present to you.

"Wait??! What is this?" 
You wait! You...! This is your present.
"Who said I wanted a present?" 
I did. So there!

Sorry! I'm back. I really think you will like this site. There are TONS of old motel post cards and, even better, is that... there is seriously funny humor here. I haven't finished going thru all of them yet, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Some of the selling points on these old postcards are classic. No pun intended. I hope you find the site well, and if you have any problems, just let me know.
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