08 June 2009

It's just like that! Well...sort'a??!

This here is my art. It was inspired by something. No. really... that's more or less it. 

Ok, I know it was inspired by the great old Motor Inn signs. You know... the ones that littered all the major highways before those new fangled things we now call "Interstates" came and by-passed them. Yep, those are the same ones. 

It's interesting because I really don't remember which site or sign really inspired me. However, it was a sign, and for this reason I am going to feature another treasure that I found by digging thru the links on Tikimama's blog She has been helping me be inspired a lot lately. That's when you know that someone has a good blog. This inspiration really came from one of her links but, in the end, I found it thru her. So, that counts. 

Truthfully, I will probably just keep following this inspiration for now. What can I say? It seems to be working. 

Oh! But, wait! That's not all. See, while I was looking at this site that I found, I thought of you. That's right, I thought of each and every one of my readers. So here is my present to you.

"Wait??! What is this?" 
You wait! You...! This is your present.
"Who said I wanted a present?" 
I did. So there!

Sorry! I'm back. I really think you will like this site. There are TONS of old motel post cards and, even better, is that... there is seriously funny humor here. I haven't finished going thru all of them yet, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Some of the selling points on these old postcards are classic. No pun intended. I hope you find the site well, and if you have any problems, just let me know.
Also, check out my Flickr when you get chance.


Tikimama said...

I'm a muse! (Well, kinda, sorta. I'll take it.)

I'm glad that I've put up links that you've found interesting and inspiring. If you keep turning out great pieces like this one, it's really paying off!

Lileks is funny - can't remember where I originally heard about his site, but it is a treasure!

MoonDoggie said...

I thought I'd already commented here :/
Love the old postcards.
And I love this new piece. Well done! :D

JEM 'n Tonic said...

I glad to know you like it so much. I was wondering for a minute there. Thank you!