05 November 2011

Down To The Details...

To start with, I'd like my viewers to take note that over the next few months, will be changing to it's new blog I appologize for the inconvience, and hope to see you there soon.

We all know that the details make the final product. If it lacks details, well there's not much of a product at all. However, if the details are there, down to the last little one... Well, that changes everything.

Interior design is the same way. A homes architecture can be amazing, but if the interior is lacking, or simply doesn't fit, well...there goes the effect. So, why am I mentioning this? A very simple reason.

Yesterday as I was cruising my rss feed, I saw a post by on authentic vintage/retro appliances and where you can buy them. While, I'm not in the market for this type of thing at the moment, I know some of you are. Therefore, I figured I share one the places with you.

This particular store is in a town near my wife's grandmother. Antique Appliances has been around for a while now. Even though I can't really figure out how long, I know we've seen them around since the early 2000's. Plus, I've found that a lot of the mid-century, vintage, or retro appliances that I've found online have been restored by this company.

Staying true to their market, they are in a very small Georgia town, right off main street. The buildings exterior reminds me of an old general store. In front, they have a few HID lights hung over the open plate glass window, and have a few recently renovated stoves of varying colors and styles. If not stoves, they will sometimes put out refrigerators. Each one though, glimmers and gleams as if it just came off the showroom floor in the early 50's. Antique Appliances even does renovations of stoves back to the 20's if that's your thing.

Looking over there site, I can see they know what they're doing. They've restored gas stoves from years before I even knew gas stoves existed. One quirky stove that caught my eye was a stove that had gas burners on one side, and was wood burning on the other. Who would have thought?

To be honest, I've never bought or dealt with this company, but from what I've read online, and knowing the people in small time Clayton, you can pretty much be sure to be call "sweety", "baby", or "doll". They don't mean anything by it, it's just how you have to talk in a small town Georgian town. Who knows, they may even give you a syrupy sweet glass of ice tea on hot days.

For more on, go to their site, they have a number of links to interviews, and article about their business in well know papers, magazines, and they evidently were even featured on a radio program too. So, as you can imagine, their fame came from somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's their quality and customer service. Take a look at their site and see for yourself.

Also, if can't fulfill your need, you can go to Retro Renovation's post on other vintage/mid-century appliance dealers and restores here. There you will find 16 places listed. It may just be what your looking for.

04 November 2011

Changing Of The Tide

For many reasons that I will not bore you with, my blog has changed themes again. Evidently Blogger didn't like the dynamic theme on my blog and told me this morning that it was no longer available. I hate that it has changed once again, and am working on providing a more permanent solution.

Thanks for understanding.

03 November 2011

George Perrou's Show: 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow'

With permission of George Perrou, and Elroy Artspace
As some of you may know, I myself, am an artist. How good of an artist is for you to decide. However, there are artists that I can state... are good! Why so? Because, well, the simple fact is, I and many others think so. One such artist is George Perrou.

Some of you may have heard of him, some may not have. Either way though, there is no denying he has a unique talent, and a unique style. More though, than just having a good style, his work intrigues me. As an artist myself, I am captivated by what I can't do. Mr. Perrou, definitely does, what I can't. Here's what I mean.

George Perrou has a unique ability to balance the "lack of"... with the exact amount "of". His shapes are sharp. He has vast spaces that, thru use of color, are not dead but very much alive. If these two things aren't hard enough to use correctly, he balances these shapes and colors finely on the edge of abstract fine arts, and wacky land cartoon-ism. In short, his art captivates me and makes me think not so much about an emotion, but more about it's being. That is a inspirational combination.

Seeing as though George Perrou, was and is, inspired by the post war modernistic era (aka. mid-century modernism), and some of the greatest artists that have every lived, cartoonist... he has some fine roots for inspiration and creation. These inspirations connect with most of us. More with some, and less with others. As for me, these same inspirations have always been a driving factor. For this reason, without understanding how or why, I connect well with this art. It simply feels comfortable to me. It's just like being at home. Even if it is in a George Jetson sort of place.

While recognizing George Perrou's art is important. That's just not enough. There are other important aspects to consider. One is, and always will be, to actively support artists you like when possible. While I'll not be able to attend the showing of George Perrou's art at Elroy Artspace, you just might. So, please do.

Another important point to consider, is that of Elroy Artspace. Elroy Artspace is a Gallery that really dedicates itself to the art of those who, while not there, still find fascination with the future that was to come. So, just as these artists need support, so does this truly fine gallery. With that, I tell you...STOP READING THIS, and make plans to visit this show that will be starting today Nov. 3 2011, and will continue thru December. Who knows, you may even find that one of these fine pieces by George Perrou just might end up taking you home with it.

For more information on 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow' and Elroy Artspace Gallery, please check out Elroy Artspace's 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow' page.

Vespa Shirt

Photo from www,
One of my favorite things of the 50's and 60's are the scooters. Specifically the Vespas and the Lami's, or Lambretta's. These little scooters are just so cool and fun! Just to get on one makes you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.  For these reasons, when I saw this shirt on I had to let you know about it. Not only does this shirt have a Piaggio Vespa theme, but it also looks like original vintage artwork. So, how much better could it get than this? Vespa theme and vintage styled art... now, that's a cool shirt. Maybe you should take a look.

31 October 2011

Just A Quick Shot Out

On a sea of copies, there are a few gems that are still the real deal. I found one of those gems today on Sophista-Tiki Origians has a number of very mid-century products in their store. These things are super sweet. My favorite though is the shot glass.

I'm telling you want though... If only I could paint like that. So, go buy one and support not only a like minded MCM enthuasist, but also a truly talented artist.  Plus, if a shot glass isn't what you need, check out one of their other items here.

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A Shelter From Stress

Image from
Shelters are genuinely interesting to me. It's no big supprise that landscape architects tend to use them a lot. There are many shapes and styles of shelters too. Some are very taditional and some very artistic, but if designed well, and place in the right setting, they can all be a shelter from the elements. Clearly the elements that I refer to here include the natural elements of weather, but these shelters can also be good, relaxing places from the elements of the mind, and of life. Things such as stress, anxiety, and depression too.

Over the past week, I've been building a bed that I need. It's not really a bed that I want though. This bed has not turned out  at all like I had envisioned. My beds design has suffered and changed so many times now, based on materials available to me, that I don't even really recall the original design these days. Then on top of all that, the materials I'm left with which to build are not ideal, and damage easily. So, to say the least, my past two weeks have been stressful. And that's, how this topic of shelters came to mind.

I would love to have a shelter in a small grove of oak and eucalyptus trees. So, when I had worked hard, I could lay there and stare thru the slats at the clouds roll by. That, truly would be a pleasure.

It was with this soothing dream in mind that I remembered my favorite Mid-Century (MCM) shelter. I don't know how many times that I've seen this shelter of the years, but I do love it. Every time I see it, I'm just amazed at how simple, but cool it is. Is it complexly designed? Not at all, in fact, I dare say that of all things, this is a prime example of "less is more".

So, for those of you who aren't real sure how to build it on your own, here are the instructions, plus...if you ever need help, hit me up. I'm always willing to answer questions.

Hope you enjoy, and don't let one of the beams fall on you! Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to check out Populuxe Books for more mid-century/atomic oriented DIY project books.
Image from

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30 October 2011

Pop Art 1 Dr Pepper

Pop Art 1 Dr Pepper by sueism1

Pop Art 1 Dr Pepper, a photo by sueism1 on Flickr.
While I'm working on a bed that is just not working out right, I thought I'd post a painting by Sue of my post mid-century acquaintances interview: Sueism1. Plus, Dr. Pepper is the only soft drink I ever crave. To bad they don't sell it here near me in Chile.

For some other creative retro styled pop art check out this link.

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