03 September 2011

Possible New Books For My Collection: "New creative home decorating"

I just found this book on for $.31 plus shipping, and though you folks might want one too. I'm seriously thinking about getting it.  Just got scrape a few more pennies together... argh...!

Flickr Inspiration: girlhula

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The name explains it all. One on my favorite vintage style photographers on Flickr. Tons of cool subjects, and each photo is just so... ehh... vintage looking. Just really a great photographer that I have admired for a while now!

02 September 2011

What you may have missed yesterday.

Here are a few MCM post from yesterday you may have missed.

Here's one about an Eichler development that isn't really hidden, but has been overlooked, in comparison to the others. See it here.

While this one isn't particularly MCM, there is a lot of Mid-Century influence to the design. It's about a designers mix of materials to create an industrial modern look. Hey what do you know? That's what the Eames did. Still, it is really good and you should check it out here.

Mid2mod had a good post on vintage kitchens. You've probably seen the photos before, but really, who gets tired of seeing such cool interiors? Fix your peepers on em here.

This post is a MUST SEE! It has one of the coolest living room ever. You can see it here.

Also, of note is that Drawn, like always had a number of interesting post on retro inspired works. You can check them all out at

01 September 2011

Chile in 1937 via video

This is a quirky little video about Chile in the late 30's. The Casino in ViƱa del Mar still looks like it does in the video. However, the park was redesigned and has a more mcm look to it. Also, the beach is more crowded with building, and there are a lot more people there. Still, Volcano Osorno looks pretty much the same, and still hasn't gone off (Yet...!). I figured you folks might like this.

Chris Haberman's The Nifty Fifties Art Show by Elroy ArtSpace

Yes... I know. It's a very long post title. That my friends is how life is at times. It just takes time to explain what's going on. That... is exactly how I feel about now.

Once upon a time I wanted to live in Oregon. We moved to Chile South America instead. Believe it or not, we got to Oregon, just the Latin version of it. So, I've been told at least. However, it's times like these that I miss not having moved to the real Oregon. Beyond the fact that people speak English there, which can be nice at times, Oregon and the city of Portland are very artsy. On top of that, they seem to be Mid-Century artsy. Elroy ArtSpace has a way of constantly bringing this point to my attention. That's a good thing...and once again, this morning, I found myself wanting to be in Portland one more time. See, I got a post on my wall (FB, of course) from Elroy ArtSpace mentioning another show there doing called The Nifty Fifties, and I had to check it out. Upon looking at what appeared on the screen I immediately wanted to attend. Reality dictates that I will not be attending. Sheer distance alone makes it virtually impossible for me. But my friend... not for you... So, if you can, you should go...but wait! There's a good reason why.

Chris Haberman is this reason. Why? Well...because, Mayor Sam Adams has said that “Chris is the hardest working artist in Portland.” Elroy ArtSpace seems to think that, that is a common consensus. I'm pretty sure that not too many Mayors have said that about other artists. In fact, if you go to you will find out even more about Chris Haberman's accomplishments, and they're really worth noting. There is also a video interview with him here.

However, I'm going to talk to you about why I want to go so bad.When landing upon the "Nifty Fifties" promotional page I found the following (all art is courtesy of Elroy ArtSpace/Chris Habermann and is copyrighted for use under their approval only):

I mean, these paintings are just cool! It's pretty impressive. From what I've see online, not all his work looks like this, but is still very captivating. I really like the MCM look of the painting that Elroy ArtSpace has listed on their site. So, if you like what you see here, It would be worth your while to check this showing out. Plus, someone's got to go. That way you can give me your review on how this shin-dig went down. For all the skinny on the show make sure you check out

Strange Little Cartoon-Dodo, The Kid From Outer Space

This is a strange little Cartoon. While not claiming to be a expert, or know it all on cartoons, I find it strange that I'd never heard of this cartoon before. Dodo is simple, easy to follow, and a good quality. I don't think it's overly great, or horrible. However, the constant ryming isn't my favorite attribute. Also, I can't figure out why he has a flying saucer when he can fly on his own. Anyway, if you want to see more of these cartoons, there are some on youtube. Also, I've found some more info and products here.

31 August 2011

Nautical House MCM Prt. Varas 2011

This home is a beautiful example of the Mid-Century Modern influence on some of the homes and architecture here in Chile. This particular home sits in a town known for it's architecture (mainly modern) and the high income average. Puerto Varas is also known for it's tourism because of the huge lake Llanuquihue (pronounced: Yan-key-way) that it boarders.

So far, no one that I've been able to ask knows when this house was built. By design, one would think that it was built in the 50's/60's, but many forms of constructions popular in the states during this time are still employed in current Chilean construction. Therefore, I approximate that this home was probably built in the late 70's or early 80's.

My favorite elements of this home:
- Captains Windows: While I've not been able to see the inside of the home, I can only image the view from the captains windows benches.

- Fireplace: This chimney has a sculptural quality and design to it. Being more than just a typical rectangle or tube, this chimney continues to change from every angle.

- Exposed Beams: On the right side of the house you will see a clear view of the exposed beams, lending even more to the nautical/mcm feel being cut at sharp angles.

- Cantilevered patio: Starting from the hill, the patio is fixed on a well thought out beams. As a patio should, it takes full benefit of vantage point, and incorporates elements of the house. Using beams that follow the same design as the roof beams used on the house, and being painted white like the bottom of the house, the patio really feels like it's a part of the house.

- Contrast Texture: While the color pallet of this home is simple, brown and white, it allows for the true appreciation of the design in the house. Using white on the hard concrete sets it clearly sets the hard material apart from the soft, but dark wood, creating a natural balance.

This is where you readers come in. I know I have seen other mcm homes and buildings with this same slated (captains window) style. Do you know of any examples,or what the style is called? Thanks for any help you may give.
Eric McGrew

29 August 2011

Chile Mid-Century

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Chile Mid-Century, a set on Flickr.
When my wife and I recently moved to the "south of Chile" (anywhere from the 9th region further down), we did it for the climate and the difference in the scenery. The culture here is very distinct from those of the more northern regions and we find life a little simpler because it has a far more country fill and pace to it.
As it can be said, we are extremely happy with our choice and can't image living anywhere else. To give an idea, I've been told that where we live now is very much like norther Oregon. Hey! That's funny, we always wanted to move to Oregon.
So, beyond the wonderful views and rainy climate, we find that there are other benefits to living here. One is that there is a huge German culture. Many of the people who live here still speak German from the fact that the are German. They also make great German pastries... yum...! Beyond that however, they also use some typical architecture of the German mountainous areas.
Then, on top of all that, you have the fact that, well... this place is hugely touristic and therefore, they have an incredible amount of Cabins here. Of course, most of the older hostles and houses follow the Germanic heritage, ie. Old style German farm houses. There are also, many influences in the local housing and cabins that are MCM because many people bought and built in the mid to late 60's here. Another incredible thing is, that, people have built homes that look like they are straight out of the 50'/60's, but where only built in the 90's/2000's. Regularly, you see summer cabin owners building new rentals that follow that mid-century vacation home style.

I'm trying to get more active in my blog here again, and hope to be able to share a number more of post on the MCM influences here in Chile, and especially here where we live. For more info on the local climate and tourism, you should check out my tourism site that I have. During the winter things are slow, but I should have move post there soon. You'll find it at
In the photos posted you can see some of this influence. All I can say is, if you get a chance, this is a cool place to visit.