10 August 2013

OH...Oh...Oh... Mid-Century Modern Home Plans

Ok, so over the years I've seen all the cabin and ranch or vacation house plan's books out there. While they are all titled Mid-Century Modern home/house plans, it only takes a few seconds to see that they are only partly what they claim. In the end, buying them is more for collection than for need or a true fit. That though is no longer the case. Why? Let me show you.

I was just browsing my favorite mid-century modern book store on ebay*, Populuxe* books, and I happened to run across this awesome book.


This Sunset Books offering from the early 60's is not the typical, so it would seem, book that they put  out on, "mid-century modern", house plans. You know, the book I mentioned above, where there are two mid-century  modern styled houses buried in amongst a ton of plain and simple homes of the mid-century period, that are the furthest thing from modern. No, this book, at least from what Populuxe has posted on the photos portion of the sale, shows a true potential for being able to fufill our desires of having one book full of mcm house plans. 

Just to help you get an idea, check out the following photos. 

If you think these are cool, go check out the other photos Populuxe* has up. You won't be disappointed. While there take a gander at the other books and toys they have up on auction.  Who knows, they may just become your favorite Mid-Century Modern books store too. 

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