10 September 2011

Book about Paul McCobb

I just ran across this book on accident I'm pretty sure that I have run across this book before, it's just that there are so many books I would like to own, that I could never get them all. And, I'm just talking about in print books. Don't get me started on all the Mid-Century design and wood working books that are my favorites from that time period. A few people have said that this is probably one of the best books about Paul McCobb's furniture that you will find in reprint. Of course, it's always better to have the original. If you can find it...

09 September 2011

1950s Decorative Plate

1950s Decorative Plate by hmdavid
1950s Decorative Plate, a photo by hmdavid on Flickr.
This tray that I found on hmdavid's flickr is amazing to me, and I'll tell you why. In general, I find Mid-Century art to be the perfect fit for me. Most of the time it's simple, tells a story, evokes an emotion, explains the function. Also, I find that the pieces that explain something generally are my favorite. Why? Well, let's take this tray for instance. This tray could be, or does multiple things as it is.

First, it's a tray. Form is simple, but designed. Adding just the right amount of embellishment, but not to much. Second, it's not just any's a food serving tray. How do we know? It tells you so. Third, even though it's all these things, it could simply be put on display as an art piece.

I, this is everything the Mid-Century, but especially the "modern" side of things were about. Specifically in the Post War era, people still had the "hold on to your money in case..." idea. Most things of the time were designed to be multifunctional. They also were to be sufficiently designed to ad to the overall ambient, but not be wasteful. On top of that, everything simply needed to look good and be of a good quality.

On top all this, I find a since of humor in this kind of art. Now, please understand that I'm not saying that what I'm about to say is what the designer was really thinking. This just comes from my sarcastic mind. Considering the obvious placement of art, it's almost like the designers were kind of making fun of the people using their products. Like they were saying; "Just so you know, this tray is used to carry KITCHEN ITEMS...don't confuse it with a Frisbee." Like I said, I really don't think that's what they were thinking when they came up with the art. It's just so obvious what trays are used for, it seems some what humorous that they would spell it out in an illustrated form.  Still though, I'm not complaining, it's just that that always catches my attention. Plus, if you think about it, today designers do the same thing. They write coffee and tea on mugs used for what? Coffee...and tea... What a keen idea. Still, I've done it too, and will probably continue to do it as well.

No matter if they were making fun or not. I'd be super happy to have it sitting in my home telling me that is a food tray. Oh, yeah, those graphics are awesome too.

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08 September 2011

More To Come

woodwork detail #3 by sandiv999
woodwork detail #3, a photo by sandiv999 on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Sculpture in the lobby of my office building.

Once upon a time, a little while ago, I found Sandiv999's photo stream. I was instantly a fan. Man... that's been a few years ago now. Never the less, Sandi Vincent continues to bring us inspiration.  However, I'm not just posting this about Sandi's photo stream. No, it's just that she was the only person, I every got around to doing an interview with. That though is going to change. I'm working on bringing you closer to your MC Community. How so? Well, I'm putting together some questions for a few people I'm going to interview. This way, we get to see why they love mid-century so much. I find the enthusiast to be as interesting as the designers, and the architects. With good reason too. Each person has their own style and quirks. Just make sure you keep your eyes out for this, and in the mean while, check out my interview with Sandiv999. Her Flickr name is very cool to me for some reason, but I don't know why.

07 September 2011

Mid-Century Modern

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Mid-Century Modern, a group on Flickr.
This Flickr group is a great source of inspiration. There's everything from buildings to decor objects to be inspired by. There is no fault of design here.

06 September 2011

60's abstract

60's abstract by Mad Modern
60's abstract, a photo by Mad Modern on Flickr.
My Flickr Contact Mad Modern got a new mid-century modern abstract painting, and it is just cool! I just right out dig it man. He's got a ton of other cool things too. So very cool! I had to say it again. Wish I had painted it.

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Our House Last Night

Our House Last Night by Chimay Bleue
Our House Last Night, a photo by Chimay Bleue on Flickr.
This is why I follow the Flickr streams that I do. I love what they put up. This one, again... is from Chimay Bleue. You can see that he not only likes MCM style, but lives it too. As for info about the photo. Well, I figure I'll let him tell you about it.  Curious to know more about why he started his flickr, and why he loves Mid-Century? Don't worry, you'll find out.

We had a really weird day here in San Diego yesterday, and it's continuing today with a tropical storm keeping the weather much wetter, more humid, and cloudier than usual for these parts. There was even some sort of bird making tropical, Augie Colon-like bird calls so it felt like Hawaii here. But the day was capped by one of those crazy dramatic sunsets we get every once in a while here. The whole sky was on fire.

This is the view from our house this evening.

05 September 2011

double takes: Miehina the Kyoto Geisha: Glen Milner

Vintage Geisha, scanned from a book by rosewithoutathorn84
Vintage Geisha, scanned from a book, a photo by rosewithoutathorn84 on Flickr.

double takes: Miehina the Kyoto Geisha: Glen Milner: The next trip on deck for me is Japan. As I begin planning and researching, I can't help but find this short documentary inspiring. Miehin...

As you can see from the title above, Double Takes is about to take a trip to Japan. Because of this, there are some really cool things to see. There of course, is the video that you will find first after this link (double takes: Miehina the Kyoto Geisha: Glen Milner:), but there are some really cool photos too. Double Takes is a blog rich with illustration, and graphic content. That's why I have followed it for a long time now. I'm sure that you will find the vintage/retro inspired content to be just that...inspiring. Have fun!

04 September 2011

House of Tomorrow

House of Tomorrow by Chimay Bleue
House of Tomorrow, a photo by Chimay Bleue on Flickr.
You've probably seen it a number of times, and you probably know it by a different name. Maybe, something more like, "The Elvis Honeymoon House".

While I appreciate the fact that this house was saved, and that the owners had to find a way to make money out of it, and seeing that I do like Elvis too, I still think that some of the class this house originally had has been lost. That's why, I'm in search of an article I once saw online about this incredible house by Robert Alexander. Once I find it, I'll make sure you get to see it. Maybe for the first time, or maybe it'll be the 50th time. Really though, do you ever get tired of something so completely cool?

Also, you got check out ChimayBleue's flickr. Just touch the link up above. You won't regret it.