04 September 2011

House of Tomorrow

House of Tomorrow by Chimay Bleue
House of Tomorrow, a photo by Chimay Bleue on Flickr.
You've probably seen it a number of times, and you probably know it by a different name. Maybe, something more like, "The Elvis Honeymoon House".

While I appreciate the fact that this house was saved, and that the owners had to find a way to make money out of it, and seeing that I do like Elvis too, I still think that some of the class this house originally had has been lost. That's why, I'm in search of an article I once saw online about this incredible house by Robert Alexander. Once I find it, I'll make sure you get to see it. Maybe for the first time, or maybe it'll be the 50th time. Really though, do you ever get tired of something so completely cool?

Also, you got check out ChimayBleue's flickr. Just touch the link up above. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Eric. I agree with you that this house has really lost a lot of its integrity. It's truly a shame. The original architect, William Krisel, is a close friend and has a funny story about how this house came to be.

Apparently, Bob Alexander wanted a modern house but was afraid that his wife, who tended to favor more traditional "frou-frou" designs, would screw it up if she was involved in the process. So he asked Krisel to design the house - ostensibly as a showcase for a new project. Alexander then showed his wife the house when it was nearly done and asked her if she liked it. She said she did, so he said - "OK, it's yours!"

By the way, the article you are looking for appeared in LOOK magazine. It's a classic.

Great blog!

-Darren (aka Chimay Bleue)

Eric McGrew said...

Darren, Thanks for that extra! I really dig your flickr as well. Also, I once saw that article online, but now I can't seem to find it. Do you know if it's still up?