10 September 2011

Book about Paul McCobb

I just ran across this book on accident I'm pretty sure that I have run across this book before, it's just that there are so many books I would like to own, that I could never get them all. And, I'm just talking about in print books. Don't get me started on all the Mid-Century design and wood working books that are my favorites from that time period. A few people have said that this is probably one of the best books about Paul McCobb's furniture that you will find in reprint. Of course, it's always better to have the original. If you can find it...


Jonathan Goldstein said...

The 1956 Paul McCobb Directional Designs catalog (the ONLY book about Paul McCobb) is freely available from Google Books

Eric McGrew said...

Jonathan, Thanks for the heads up. I like it when people share such cool info.