06 September 2011

Our House Last Night

Our House Last Night by Chimay Bleue
Our House Last Night, a photo by Chimay Bleue on Flickr.
This is why I follow the Flickr streams that I do. I love what they put up. This one, again... is from Chimay Bleue. You can see that he not only likes MCM style, but lives it too. As for info about the photo. Well, I figure I'll let him tell you about it.  Curious to know more about why he started his flickr, and why he loves Mid-Century? Don't worry, you'll find out.

We had a really weird day here in San Diego yesterday, and it's continuing today with a tropical storm keeping the weather much wetter, more humid, and cloudier than usual for these parts. There was even some sort of bird making tropical, Augie Colon-like bird calls so it felt like Hawaii here. But the day was capped by one of those crazy dramatic sunsets we get every once in a while here. The whole sky was on fire.

This is the view from our house this evening.

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