08 September 2011

More To Come

woodwork detail #3 by sandiv999
woodwork detail #3, a photo by sandiv999 on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Sculpture in the lobby of my office building.

Once upon a time, a little while ago, I found Sandiv999's photo stream. I was instantly a fan. Man... that's been a few years ago now. Never the less, Sandi Vincent continues to bring us inspiration.  However, I'm not just posting this about Sandi's photo stream. No, it's just that she was the only person, I every got around to doing an interview with. That though is going to change. I'm working on bringing you closer to your MC Community. How so? Well, I'm putting together some questions for a few people I'm going to interview. This way, we get to see why they love mid-century so much. I find the enthusiast to be as interesting as the designers, and the architects. With good reason too. Each person has their own style and quirks. Just make sure you keep your eyes out for this, and in the mean while, check out my interview with Sandiv999. Her Flickr name is very cool to me for some reason, but I don't know why.

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