18 February 2010

Inspired by Flickr, Sandiv999

Isn't it funny how we can come to know a specific portion of one's (as in anyone, not someones name) personality by just what they put up on Flickr. Personally, I find that with the style of photos or images that one puts on their Flickr you get a since of their personality. I'm not saying that you get to know everything, or even a lot about them. Just one specific aspect.
Over the relatively short period of time I have been active (well, off and on) on Flickr, I seem to be drawn to certain people's Flickr accounts. Por supuesto this if because of the content. Sorry some of my Spanish slipped out
back there. However, even more important than the content sometimes is the overall feel of a Flickr account, or the unique way each photo explains, reveals, and speaks about each person. It's for this very reason, that I write you this post.

Here's kinda how it goes. As you know, I love art of all sorts. Drawing,

Photography, Architecture, Illustration, Furniture making, and Painting are just a few examples. Well, if you threw in Sculpting, Mosaics, Interior Design, and Graphic Design, I guess you would have just about all of them. Wait!... I think you do. Anywho, much of my inspiration for designing in any of the number of methods I employ comes from Flickr content. It may be that my creation itself is inspired by something I've seen recently, a color combination that caught my eye, or maybe, I'm just motivated to start designing at all. What ever the result, Flickr generally did it. Therefore, I feel you should come to know my Flickr contacts too.

Sandiv999 is one of the most inspirational contacts I have for MCM architecture/interiors, and retro illustrations/ads. Not only does she have cool photos on her account, but she has such a cool name, Sandi. Ohh... can't you just hear some 1960's surfer calling his girl Sandi. More than just that, she's nice too! So all in all, she's just too cool for her own good. That however, helps me out. Over the time that I have been in contact with Sandi, she has said such nice things about my art, and she always helps me stay motivated by her diligent work to find new photos, objects, or illustration.
Now, we can get to know her a little bit better. She has been kind enough to let each of us know a little about her Mid-centuriness. So, here we go.

Interview via email:

JEM: What and When, influenced your interest in Mid-Century/Mod Art, Architecture, and Design?

Sandi: Some of my very earliest memories are of watching the Monkees. The pop tv shows of the sixties-the Monkees, I Dream of Jeannie and The Avengers had a big impact on me as a kid. Gerald McBoing-Boing, the Jetsons and any of the jazzy house/car/world of the future cartoons were also faves. Also, thanks to reruns of Laugh-In, my first career aspiration was to be a go-go dancer in a cage, which led to my minor obsession with the stewardess uniforms from Braniff and PSA. We lived in Silicon Valley, which is lousy with cool post-war modernist homes featuring clerestory windows and atriums. As I got older, I never tired of that look, those sounds and the oh-so happy colors.

What is your favorite outlet for the inspiration you receive from MCM/Mod Art, Architecture, and Design?

Sandi: My canvas is my home and garden. I use color to impute architectural interest to my rather plain-jane ranch home and have filled it with art of all kinds. I also geek out over midcentury graphics and have a large collection of obscure scanned pieces I've shared through Flickr and my Tumblr blog.

If you could have any MCM/Mod object or piece (even furniture or house), what would it be?
Sandi: Groan, just one? Well, an Alexander home would be my truest object of desire. But then again, there's that need for a sunken conversation pit. Can't choose, want both.

What are your favorite MCM/Mod websites to visit?

Sandi: I've found the Flickr midcentury groups to be a source of true delights and here's just a few blogs that are must sees: Aqua-Velvet, the Animalarium, Cartoon Brew, Kickcan & Conkers and Delicious Industries.

Who is your favorite MCM/Mod musician?

Sandi: Ooh, another one where I have to choose? Strictly era appropriate? I'd go with the Kinks, Miles Davis, pop acts such as Nancy Sinatra. There's a few current bands working in the genre I'm digging right now, the MoonSpinners and Les Etrangers. Again, I could go on, I mean there's also the whole 70's/early 80's mod revival.....
JEM: What is your favorite MCM/Mod movie?

Sandi: Mon Oncle, for the surreal sets and whimsy. The Party for that home and the groovy attire.


Laura@popdesign said...

What a delightful interview to the wonderful Sandiv! I am a big fan of her cheerful and stylish flickr and tumblr collections. And a big thanks to Sandiv for the mention... so good to know that we also have the same taste in movies!

veronica said...

This was wonderful. The wording, questions, answers, too cool. I've been following her on flickr too, and her home is my dream one. We'll done mi amigo!


Tikimama said...

Sandi is one of my Flickr contacts, too. It's fun to see the little community of mcm-minded folk on that site grow and get to "know" each other. Thanks for this fun interview. I feel like I know her so much better now!

Sandi V. said...

Thanks guys! Love my Flickr pals. It's a true delight to find so many talented artists and designers.