15 February 2010

It Happened Like That

Without even trying to hide it, I am completely motivated and inspired by many things. Some of these would be my contact/friends on flickr along with many of my blog buddies. Music also plays a huge part in all this. For instance, the piece you see above was completely inspired by a pack of those good 'ol rats. That's right, I sat down with no motivation at all to design. However, with a bit of Dean, Frank, and Sammy, I just started creating. Then I noticed that I had designed something with a Karl Benjamin feel. I like his art. He's got a cool style. If only I could sell my art for a living too.

Hope you like it.


veronica said...

Hi! We'd love to see your pieces posted here !!

Check out this group, you'll love it Eric.


JEM 'n Tonic said...

V, As always, thanks for stopping by and giving a compliment. Also, I joined the group on facebook and I will try to stay up to date with it. I did upload some images, but I still have more to upload.

Tikimama said...

What better inspiration than those rats a-singin! Your piece is very dynamic, and I do see the KB influence, but it's still your own.
Don't give up on making a living through your art - I know people who've made it happen, and you can too!

Tikimama said...

Okay, hold on! I just went to shop at your Etsy, and there's nothing there! Where did your pieces for sale go? Please let me know, because I finally have a bit of moola to spend, and I want an Eric McGrew for my walls :-)