13 November 2010


I'm now ebaying and have posted my first item. It's not the last thing though. I will have more to come soon. For now, I suggest checking out my wall hanging that I have listed. Hope you bid and make me...well...I would say rich, but that's really not going to happen. So, please buy "Lantern" so I can cover what I put into it.


12 November 2010

Chile...My life now.

As many of you know, I live in Chile. This has not always been the easiest thing to do. You have to learn how to accept different living conditions and habits.Thing is, I'm not the easiest going person in the world, and can be somewhat opinionated. Especially when I know a better way of doing something. So, in the end, I would say that living here has humbled me greatly. That's not to say that I'm humble. Just more humble than I was before I got here. Also, I'm learning how to truly see things from the "other" persons perspective.

When we first got here, we chose to live relatively close to Santiago for convenience and due to all the necessary paper work that comes along with being a foreigner. The first town we lived in was quaint and very humble. I'm not saying that in a negative manner, just explaining the environment of the small town. Most people in this town work as agriculture workers and made somewhere between 10 and 20 dollars a day. This in turn, heavily dictated the local living conditions. We lived in one of the community housing projects. These are not looked at as being bad. It's the norm for most people and was a good way to get to know our neighbors, and integrate ourselves in the Chilean culture. Our neighbors responded well and made sure that we were well taken care of. They helped with all the details of small town living.

These included where to buy fresh fruit, veggies, and meat. Also, we learned how to move around on public transit. Not the funnest thing I've ever done, but none the less very interesting. All of this was vital to us growing as people, and we do not regret our decision at all. However, with everything good comes something umm... less good...?

This "less good" thing was the climate. While the area was absolutely beautiful in it's own right, it came at a cost to us. We come from Georgia and have rain just about every month.
When it's hot, we have AC, when it's cold... central heating. None of which we have in this region of Chile. When it is hot outside, it was even HOTTER inside. Rain...? There is rain, but it all comes down in 3 of the 12 months of the year. Notably, it is quite different from what we are used to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about where we lived, just explaining the difference. These differences helped motivate us to look for a different area to live. Well...we found it. What do you know, we ended up in the south again. Just on the other side of the world.

Now we find ourselves in the 1oth region of Chile and about 13hrs from Santiago on bus. The climate is a moderate climate. It rains here quite a bit, almost everyday.
There are some weeks however that it doesn't rain at all. These are rare though. Another interesting aspect is that in the summer months, we have about 14 hours of daylight each day. By 6am it is completely lit outside, and it sets at 9:30pm or so. We live between two beautiful volcanoes, and yes they are active. There are waterfalls, cows, alpaca, sheep, horses, lakes, salmon, trout, rock climbing, trekking/hiking, snowboarding, and boating all in a 15 mile radius of our home. On top of all this, there are beautiful rolling hills/forest all around.

Our new house is in the middle of a farm that was settled 150 years ago, more or less, by german settlers. In fact, our little house is one of the original homes on the property.
It has been remodeled and has an addition that brings to the total size to about 785 sf. One portion of the home still has the original Larch tree wood shingles on the outside.
These shingles are interesting because larch tree wood is unique in the fact that when moisture is applied to the wood actually gets harder not softer.

The inside of the house has a "big" (by Chilean standards) kitchen, 3 rooms and a nice size living room. In this post you can see the living room and the outside, but the rest of the house we are still organizing as we just got here Tuesday and I didn't take photos of it.

One great thing about the inside of this house is, it has aged wood flooring in the majority of the rooms and real wood paneling for the walls. This creates a beautiful interior for our style and fits well with my designs.
Another plus is that I have the space to build more furniture and sculptures. Some of what I will be building soon are master and spare bedroom beds, desk, lamps, sofa, occasional chairs, and bathroom furniture and fixtures. So, of course keep an eye open for my new projects. For now I just hope you enjoy the photos of our new house and the surrounding scenery.

So in good Chilean... Chao (pronouced Tauuu...)

24 October 2010

My wife and I had thought of using LP covers for wall art. In Chile though, there's just not that many cool vintage LP covers. So... my other idea was to use old posters of musicians. This seems to be even more difficult to do. Seeing as though these are not just hard to find in Chile but in the U.S. as well. What does one do then? Make some yourself right.?

That's what I'm doing. I'm designing some vintage looking music posters of different genres like Rockabilly, swing, jazz, and lounge. Once these are all designed I am going to investigate the possibility of doing screen printed versions. One off's each one for my own personal use. If I never get around to that, I'll just have them digitally printed. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. This isn't a short term project. I project this to take many months.

22 October 2010

While not MCM, it's still cool!

I wanted to share with all you folks the wonderfully cool sofa my wife's aunts have for sale on Craigslist. The sofa is located in the Metro Atlanta area. They have a small booth in one of the Antiques malls in Kennesaw, GA. While they aren't focused on mid-century modern per say, many times they find cool 50's and 60's stuff. Follow this link to see the ad.

19 October 2010


As some of you may have noticed, I have put up some new images on my Flickr and my Facebook. They are just something to keep me busy for now. The drawings don't have much reason behind them other than the fact that I hadn't drawn for a while. To be quite honest with you, I thought that maybe I had forgotten how to draw. I'm trying not to use solid fill in the images as much as possible. I just feel that cleaner hatching lines gives it a somewhat more respectable illustrated look. As always, I hope you like them, and let me know what you think.

Follow this link to see more.

24 September 2010

At Long Last!!!

At long last is right! It was only 2 years ago that I told my lovely and patient wife how I could save us money by building a credenza myself. I promised that for the same amount of money that we would spend in one of the "department stores" (Quotes used here because, in small town Chile S.A. there aren't any TRUE department stores.) I could build one that was not only better quality, but looked better too.The other part of the statement said something about how it would only take 2 months. Oh, well... the past is the past and now I have a finished credenza. However, that's not the end. There is a little bit of a story that makes this piece so special to us. This is how it goes...

This piece starts with me thinking as if I was still living in the States. Sure hunny, (my dislexic spelling of my wife's pet name, which really is honey) all I have to do is select some really good cabinetry/furniture grade plywood and then I can get started. I should have this thing done in no time. Ha!!!! Furniture grade plywood is, in small town Chile anyway, construction grade plywood but thicker. It's thicker so that after you have sanded off all the unfinished ply's you still have some kind of support. Fine, I got the wood purchased, but that was just the start of all the fun.

About the time that I got ready to start working with the wood I had bought
I went to pick up a few tools that I needed. Mind you that many things (most farm/plowing equipment and furniture) are still made with hand saws, hand drills, and gerbil driven table saws in this area. No, really! The tools that the two local furniture makers use are what my 1950's vintage woodworking books show as modern. Any who, I, being completely naive thought that, well, power tools are a dime a dozen and if I don't like the price I'll just buy online at discount right?! I mean, you only have to wait a few days more anyway. Yeah, right! Those are two things that don't exist here. Options, and cheap. So I bought what I could afford. I built this piece with a circular saw and a borrowed drill. A hammer drill at that. Here tools are 2 to 3 times the price of what you find them in the states.

Even still, I had the opportunity of having providing our neighbors with rumor mill material. Being the only foreigners in this small town can draw some attention even though you don't mean to. See, the house that we are renting was, at that time, and still is today (2 years later) getting a 100 square foot expansion. This meant that I had to do my woodworking in the carport. No big deal until I started fitting the credenza together. All they saw as this long rectangular box and so like any normal person would assume, I was building a coffin. Why a coffin? Why not?

That definitely drew some attention. Funny thing is, I couldn't for the life of my find any furniture clamps. So, I used my wife. Yep. Good thing she likes to read. She sat on top of the sheet of plywood and I shaved the edges with my good ole Stanley hand planer. Yet, no one thought that was strange at all. The construction of a plywood box had our neighbors passing by our gate to see what was going on. Go figure.

Originally the concept was for a chest of drawers that would be low lying as our home was originally more of a studio concept with the bedroom and living in the same open floor plan. In fact, the need for my wife to have a place to put her panties is what started this project to begin with. Imagine my surprise when one day I see her packing all her stuff in one of our pieces of luggage. I was sure she had had enough of this project and living here and was going home. However, my wife loves me and was only re-organizing her stuff.

Since then the credenza has been destined to be a buffet for the kitchen area, a normal credenza, and an electronics cabinet/entertainment center. I think now it will just be a credenza, and we don't know where it will go in the house. Looks like I built it just a bit to big. What can I say? I guess my eyes where bigger the our house. Not to fear though. We will definitely use it, even if I have to save it until the day I die and get buried in it. You know, the whole coffin thing doesn't sound so bad after all. Who knew...!

07 July 2010

It's been a while, and...

As the title mentions, It's been a little while since I've posted, but this post doesn't mark a come back. Yet, that is... I have many things that I want to share with you folks. I've interviewed a very nice artist I found on Flickr and I really think that she deserves to have her interview posted. Not only all of this but, I have other things that I've had in mind for a while and want you all to see.

However, first I must explain that I haven't just been lazy. In fact, I've been very busy. Not at all with art or design, but with other important things. As some of you know, my wife and I live in Chile, and this provides for some unique opportunities. One of which is being able to enjoy the satisfaction of helping build homes for those who have lost their home in the earth quake that we had here in Chile a few months back. So as I said, I have not just been lazy.
Once all this is done, I hope to get back to the blog a bit more, but we will just have to see how life goes. For now though, in a few free moments that I had and with some scrap materials I had laying around I painted the art you see here. It's not on a finished piece of board, but then again, I did for the joy of doing it, not to create a super refined piece of art.

Hope you enjoy it.

22 April 2010

Because You Already Know...

As many of you have read in my past blogs and things... you know I like what's old. In fact, for the most part, I like what's from specifically the 1956 to 1963. From the furniture, to the art, to the hairstyles, and clothes. However, if you are reading this post, you probably understand that. It's for this reason, in fact, that I have this blog. To show what I've found or created in styles that we all like.

Sometimes though, something comes along and you just absolutely fall captivated under it's simplicity and cleanness. It's happened to me before, and you guessed it, it happened again. Once before I posted about Hot rods and vintage bikes. However, I have found that Cafe Racers are the coolest style of motorcycles out there in my opinion. They are as cool, if not cooler than the scooters the mods used to ride. The "cooler" thing may just be my obsessive compulsiveness showing it's ugly head again. Give me time and it will regulate itself once again. Either way, I produced a new piece based on my new found interest. It made me happy, as I hadn't been real motivated to design for a while.

Oh yeah, there are two sites you much check out. One is the Cafe Racer group on Flickr, and the other is

Hope you enjoy them!

18 April 2010

Are You Exotic Enough?

I just happened to see this on one of my favorite vintage clothing sites I've bought a couple things from them and rojito bought a blazer. They are great peoples. So when I saw this, I just had to share with all the 50's exotica tiki people out there. Go and get it!

15 April 2010

My Cafe Press

In an effort to bring affordable and useful products with my designs and art on them, I have been working with Cafe Press to select a few products to offer. At the moment, you will find 3 items and 2 images available. This will continue to be updated as I have time and I will let everyone as there are new items.

With these things in mind, please give me any feed back that you have on what you think about what I have, or what you might like to see on my shop.

08 April 2010

We Think We're Clear

I once read that Colchagua Valley, Chile, was like Napa Valley 50 years ago. This, of course, was before I moved here. At that time, I just didn't really understand what that really meant.

When I arrived, I noticed that, indeed, the valley does have many attributes of farm/agricultural life from 50 years ago in the States. One thing I had never thought about, though, is that the general attitude also follows the patterns of life. This means that some things that are very defined to us as a fact or rule simply are irrelevant to people here. This was evident in just about every thought process and situation that came up.

So here we have a Norteamericano who is, for many, the only foreigner they have ever met, and as if that wasn't strange enough, this foreigner is obsessed with "OLD STUFF?" ¡QUE RARO! Are we starting to get the idea?

That's right. To most people here, even in Santiago, the only old things of value are antiques (ie. early 1900's or later). Any thing after that is just old junk, while to us, we understand the concept of vintage and retro. To the point that we actually define the terms by a quantity of years. Here retro is any thing that is used from "the States". Just walk into one of the retro clothing stores, especially one that claims to be U.S. vintage. It's good for a laugh.

The problem with this is, people don't try to maintain or hold onto any thing after the early 40's. Neither will they sell it. To them it is old and of no value. It goes straight to the trash, and if you ask someone if they want to sell it, they start on the anti-sell speech. Once done with that, an hour or two later, if they see you really want it, the price jumps to the outrageous category simply because, well... the Norteamericano wants it, and he is loaded (in their minds). No, really... it is quite funny to live here.

One example of the outrageously priced situations can be seen with the end tables pictured here for sale in Santiago. I was so amazed to see the tables in this mall, that I had to take a photo. However, while in very good condition, one would expect a set of tables from a no-name furniture maker of this time period and style to go for $400 to $500 from a
dealer, maximum. Ohhh...nooo... my friend. Not in Santiago, these are made of hard wood (a rarity here) and are selling for around $1500 for the set of tables. If you want the large dish credenza and buffet you are looking at price of around $8000. I expect for those prices, I will be able go see them as many times as I want in my life time with out much fear of them having been sold.

07 April 2010

V Day

I just got wind that my Blogger buddy, Veronica Diago has released some prints of her wonderful work on Etsy. I personally really like her art a lot and find much inspiration thru studying the color and detail she puts into each piece.

It's with this interest in mind that I STRONGLY suggest that you get over to here Etsy shop to see all of her prints that she is offering for just $20 each. I know that you will enjoy her art as much as I have.

29 March 2010


This is a photo of one of the sculptures that I did in the states. The thing is, I forgot to get photos of the sculpture. Rojito brought his machine with him, and he was kind enough to let have a few of the photos. So, here they are.As you may be able to see, I brushed the wood to take out the soft grain for a dimensional effect. I also used the wood grain to create a desert like feel in the base which I shaped for a dimensional definition.

Sorry that the photos aren't better. You can also see a stack of unfinished sculptures in the back. Those have yet to be posted. I will post about them soon though.

19 March 2010

Mid Century Chile

One of the horribly wonderful things about Chile is, there is, and there isn't MCM to be found. Really, Chile as a country doesn't have a huge amount of MCM architecture or furniture. It does, however, have fair amount in some areas. I have found that the MCM furniture they do have here is more limited in design options. It seems that three or so furniture designs dominated the whole country in the MCM theme. Therefore, the first few hundred pieces of the same style are interesting, but then your interest starts to wayne a bit.

However, there are a number of MCM influenced buildings and architectural aspects that can be found in the larger cities. Of course the cities that had money and were booming in the 50's and 60's are where you find this. One instance of this would be Santiago. Another would be Viña Del Mar. Both of these cities were favorites of people with money and on the
forefront of architectural design in it's day. Therefore, you can see some nice examples of MCM fountains, sculptures, and buildings. It's precisely for that reason that most of the
photos in this post come from those areas. I hope that you enjoy them.

01 March 2010

Earth Quake

Well, this post doesn't have anything to do with art. This is all about the earthquake that surely, each of you have heard about. My wife, Rojito, and myself are fine. We are still without electricity and internet. I'm writing this post from the house of our friends. The area where we live was hit hard, but not the hardest. Here in Placilla, the quake was about a 7.5 or so. Even though that's nothing to snicker at, the majority of the houses are fine and no one here in our población/town have been seriously injured or died. However, many of the houses are more than a 100 yrs old had did collapse in part, or completely. So as of this point, we are fine and waiting for the supermarkets and gas stations to open, and who knows when that will be. For now though, here are some photos of Placilla. Also, as time goes on, I'll be adding more photos. As the amount of time i have is limited to upload and post, please use my flickr link to see the photos.

18 February 2010

Inspired by Flickr, Sandiv999

Isn't it funny how we can come to know a specific portion of one's (as in anyone, not someones name) personality by just what they put up on Flickr. Personally, I find that with the style of photos or images that one puts on their Flickr you get a since of their personality. I'm not saying that you get to know everything, or even a lot about them. Just one specific aspect.
Over the relatively short period of time I have been active (well, off and on) on Flickr, I seem to be drawn to certain people's Flickr accounts. Por supuesto this if because of the content. Sorry some of my Spanish slipped out
back there. However, even more important than the content sometimes is the overall feel of a Flickr account, or the unique way each photo explains, reveals, and speaks about each person. It's for this very reason, that I write you this post.

Here's kinda how it goes. As you know, I love art of all sorts. Drawing,

Photography, Architecture, Illustration, Furniture making, and Painting are just a few examples. Well, if you threw in Sculpting, Mosaics, Interior Design, and Graphic Design, I guess you would have just about all of them. Wait!... I think you do. Anywho, much of my inspiration for designing in any of the number of methods I employ comes from Flickr content. It may be that my creation itself is inspired by something I've seen recently, a color combination that caught my eye, or maybe, I'm just motivated to start designing at all. What ever the result, Flickr generally did it. Therefore, I feel you should come to know my Flickr contacts too.

Sandiv999 is one of the most inspirational contacts I have for MCM architecture/interiors, and retro illustrations/ads. Not only does she have cool photos on her account, but she has such a cool name, Sandi. Ohh... can't you just hear some 1960's surfer calling his girl Sandi. More than just that, she's nice too! So all in all, she's just too cool for her own good. That however, helps me out. Over the time that I have been in contact with Sandi, she has said such nice things about my art, and she always helps me stay motivated by her diligent work to find new photos, objects, or illustration.
Now, we can get to know her a little bit better. She has been kind enough to let each of us know a little about her Mid-centuriness. So, here we go.

Interview via email:

JEM: What and When, influenced your interest in Mid-Century/Mod Art, Architecture, and Design?

Sandi: Some of my very earliest memories are of watching the Monkees. The pop tv shows of the sixties-the Monkees, I Dream of Jeannie and The Avengers had a big impact on me as a kid. Gerald McBoing-Boing, the Jetsons and any of the jazzy house/car/world of the future cartoons were also faves. Also, thanks to reruns of Laugh-In, my first career aspiration was to be a go-go dancer in a cage, which led to my minor obsession with the stewardess uniforms from Braniff and PSA. We lived in Silicon Valley, which is lousy with cool post-war modernist homes featuring clerestory windows and atriums. As I got older, I never tired of that look, those sounds and the oh-so happy colors.

What is your favorite outlet for the inspiration you receive from MCM/Mod Art, Architecture, and Design?

Sandi: My canvas is my home and garden. I use color to impute architectural interest to my rather plain-jane ranch home and have filled it with art of all kinds. I also geek out over midcentury graphics and have a large collection of obscure scanned pieces I've shared through Flickr and my Tumblr blog.

If you could have any MCM/Mod object or piece (even furniture or house), what would it be?
Sandi: Groan, just one? Well, an Alexander home would be my truest object of desire. But then again, there's that need for a sunken conversation pit. Can't choose, want both.

What are your favorite MCM/Mod websites to visit?

Sandi: I've found the Flickr midcentury groups to be a source of true delights and here's just a few blogs that are must sees: Aqua-Velvet, the Animalarium, Cartoon Brew, Kickcan & Conkers and Delicious Industries.

Who is your favorite MCM/Mod musician?

Sandi: Ooh, another one where I have to choose? Strictly era appropriate? I'd go with the Kinks, Miles Davis, pop acts such as Nancy Sinatra. There's a few current bands working in the genre I'm digging right now, the MoonSpinners and Les Etrangers. Again, I could go on, I mean there's also the whole 70's/early 80's mod revival.....
JEM: What is your favorite MCM/Mod movie?

Sandi: Mon Oncle, for the surreal sets and whimsy. The Party for that home and the groovy attire.

15 February 2010

It Happened Like That

Without even trying to hide it, I am completely motivated and inspired by many things. Some of these would be my contact/friends on flickr along with many of my blog buddies. Music also plays a huge part in all this. For instance, the piece you see above was completely inspired by a pack of those good 'ol rats. That's right, I sat down with no motivation at all to design. However, with a bit of Dean, Frank, and Sammy, I just started creating. Then I noticed that I had designed something with a Karl Benjamin feel. I like his art. He's got a cool style. If only I could sell my art for a living too.

Hope you like it.

13 February 2010

Still Here and Designing

Even though I haven't posted in a while, I am still here and designing. It seems that everything just came running in on us, and for the past 2 months I have had very little time. However, I haven't forgotten about my readers, and therefore I'm writing you now.

Recently I found that I LOVE photography. Even though I'm just starting out, I really like some of the shots I've taken and therefore have been working on getting a photography blog/site together with Rojito. I can't really say when it will be up, but no fears, I'll let you know.

Also, I've found that photography helps motivate me in my other art as well. So, all kinds of good stuff has been happening, including that I am trying to find other, more affordable ways to produce quality art at reasonable prices for all who want it. As you might image, I've been busy, and hope to be able to offer all of you some nice art in more functional ways in the near future.

For now though, I hope you like the wall sculpture I did while playing around with some plywood one day.