29 March 2010


This is a photo of one of the sculptures that I did in the states. The thing is, I forgot to get photos of the sculpture. Rojito brought his machine with him, and he was kind enough to let have a few of the photos. So, here they are.As you may be able to see, I brushed the wood to take out the soft grain for a dimensional effect. I also used the wood grain to create a desert like feel in the base which I shaped for a dimensional definition.

Sorry that the photos aren't better. You can also see a stack of unfinished sculptures in the back. Those have yet to be posted. I will post about them soon though.


michael robertson said...

wow, I'm really diggin' this one,eric! I love how it looks super modern, yet still maintains look of a cactus. excellent work!

Eric McGrew said...

Thanks Michael! I'm super glad you like it!

MoonDoggie said...

This is so cool. The base really does have a sand dune effect and I love the swirls. Brilliant job, Mr. Mod.

Eric McGrew said...

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm glad you like it!

Carl Olson said...

I'm proud to be the owner of the Cac-Tus. It sits close to me in my office as one of the very view items on display.