05 September 2009

Dance of the Dinosaurs

The last few weeks here in the States have been nuts. I'm looking at many different options for producing my art, and trying to get good etsy photos taken. Since I'm so finicky about such things, I have not been happy with any of the photos that have been taken. This in turn became a search for a DSLR camera. That in of itself is a full time job. Especially when you have many of your family and friends that are serious about photography. I appreciate the help, but sometimes it's hard when everyone is so convinced about their proven cameras.

One thing I can't dispute is the quality of some of the Canons. I recently found out how good the Canon 5D Mark II was recently while I was working on one of my newest sculptures. My father-in-law, Carl Olson, decided to shoot video of me working on this sculpture. I spoke a bit about the inspiration and the method. This was an impromptu shoot and was not rehearsed. So, if you have ever wondered how I really sound and look while being covered in saw dust and sweaty... Well! Here you go.

Dancing Dinosaurs from Carl Olson on Vimeo.

We plan to take more video of me finishing this sculpture and others as well. On that note, here you go, and I hope you like it.