19 March 2010

Mid Century Chile

One of the horribly wonderful things about Chile is, there is, and there isn't MCM to be found. Really, Chile as a country doesn't have a huge amount of MCM architecture or furniture. It does, however, have fair amount in some areas. I have found that the MCM furniture they do have here is more limited in design options. It seems that three or so furniture designs dominated the whole country in the MCM theme. Therefore, the first few hundred pieces of the same style are interesting, but then your interest starts to wayne a bit.

However, there are a number of MCM influenced buildings and architectural aspects that can be found in the larger cities. Of course the cities that had money and were booming in the 50's and 60's are where you find this. One instance of this would be Santiago. Another would be Viña Del Mar. Both of these cities were favorites of people with money and on the
forefront of architectural design in it's day. Therefore, you can see some nice examples of MCM fountains, sculptures, and buildings. It's precisely for that reason that most of the
photos in this post come from those areas. I hope that you enjoy them.