18 June 2009

To Which Do We Owe The Honor?

(Image on left is entitled "Dan-eesh")

For maybe the first time in my blogging history, I will have this post out, not only on time, but early. Wow...! Will wonders never cease. In case you haven't noticed the large image to the left of your screen... STOP NOW! Look at it closely now. No! Not like that... I mean CLOSELY! Yeah... More like that. Ok, this is my newest piece. I like it.

However, art really isn't always about what I like. I forget that sometimes, but in the end, I find my readers opinions very important, as well. So, here is your chance to let me know. I will be returning to the States for a visit in about 2 months with the hopes of producing a number of pieces of original art, sculptures, and maybe a few small pieces of furniture. The furniture depends on the time I have available. Also during this time I will be reviewing a few prints to consider selling on the Etsy store I will be setting up. To help me select which prints I will offer, I am consulting the mass population. After all, you'll be the ones buying 'em.

Of course my newest one (Dan-eesh Fisk) is a possibility. There are others as well though. They are as follows.

The thing is, I am only looking for two right now, maybe three. This is because I am going to order samples so I can see how they turn out. I don't want to offer bad quality art to any of you fine people.

So in the end... PLEASE HELP!
To see some of my other art, check out my FLICKR.

15 June 2009

Am I The Last?

As is usual, I seem to find out about artist that inspire me only when someone is writing a recap of the art they had spent decades perfecting. Also as usual, it's only after they have died that I notice this individuals name. I then feel like I am the last person in the world to know about them. This recently happened to me with Ib Geertsen.Recently though, I found myself helping a few readers of my blog learn about people and styles that, over the years, had become daily terms for me. This showed me that, while I am not the most informed about all things MCM, I can have the enjoyment of helping people to expand their vision of the art world. That's kinda cool! So, as I have learned over the years, art speaks louder than any word. For that reason, I will leave you with the following. I hope this proves to enlighten and inspire you all.

Also, you should really check out his site. I can't read it, but it has a lot of info on it.