15 June 2009

Am I The Last?

As is usual, I seem to find out about artist that inspire me only when someone is writing a recap of the art they had spent decades perfecting. Also as usual, it's only after they have died that I notice this individuals name. I then feel like I am the last person in the world to know about them. This recently happened to me with Ib Geertsen.Recently though, I found myself helping a few readers of my blog learn about people and styles that, over the years, had become daily terms for me. This showed me that, while I am not the most informed about all things MCM, I can have the enjoyment of helping people to expand their vision of the art world. That's kinda cool! So, as I have learned over the years, art speaks louder than any word. For that reason, I will leave you with the following. I hope this proves to enlighten and inspire you all.

Also, you should really check out his site. I can't read it, but it has a lot of info on it.


MoonDoggie said...

You're certainly not the last! I've not heard of Geertsen before although some of his work looks familiar (like that mobile). Interesting... thanks for the heads up :)

Tikimama said...

Not even close to the last! I'm no art expert, but I had lots of college art classes, art history, museum trips, etc. Never heard of him, but I'm glad to know him now! Thanks!

Love the mobiles and the paintings(?). They definitely remind me of your work, Jem!

Grant Wiggins said...

Ib Geertsen was rad.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

All, It's nice to know that I can contribute something that is insightful. Also,Grant, you are correct, he was RAD!