06 June 2009

This is Googie

I think that the majority of us know what Googie architecture is. If not, I will describe it as an exaggerated architecture style mainly from the mid 50's thru the mid 60's. This form of architecture was an interpetation of space age futurism.  For a more precise definition of what Googie architecture is, check out this link.

A few years ago, I went thru a serious Googie phase. I looked up everything I could and found a lot of interesting stuff. However, my thoughts had moved on to other interesting things until a month or so ago when MoonDoggie started getting into Googie. With her looking for Googie in good old London Town, she seemed to be looking at all that she could online. Her enthusiastic blogs about the style motivated me to look at more Googie stuff, as well.

So yesterday I was looking at TikiLisa's blog, and re-found a site I had forgotten about. Thru this site I found "Googie Art". If you like Googie architecture and are inspired by the future left behind, then check out the images in this post and see the rest of these great architectural feats here.

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