02 July 2009

Thought I had been slacking off huh! Revised!

For those of you who have been keeping up with my Flickr, you know I haven't been slacking off. That's right! Ever so slowly, I am working on my Buffet. What can I say? It's fairly hard to work on it without having my own shop and all the correct tools. None the less I continue to work on it little by little. I think I prefer it that way for right now. I have a lot of other things going on as well at the moment, and my buffet/dresser...uh...dresser/buffet???? keeps me from getting burnt out on any one thing.

Oh yeah... these photos are of one of the sliding doors that will cover the drawers... um... shelves? I'm not quite sure which of those 2 the doors will cover right now. Designs evolve over time. Be assured though, they will indeed cover something as door are wont to do. Also, don't be amazed when you see a different version of this door. One that has a background of white with the images in the stained wood. I still haven't figured out how I am going to connect the overlay/3d element to the door. I have options. Therefore I can show you another image of what could have been, but will never be.

For those of you who have been following my is the variation of my door. This is the way the door would look if it were white with the image dimension image on top of it. This is the way the door would look because, well... this is the door painted white. I chose to use the other side that is stained due to issues with the paint not laying well.

01 July 2009

The Rats And The Cicles

This is a Flickr photo from Kraig

When I finally got to the age of 16 I had dreams of all the old cars that I had seen on the shows I watched as a kid, and had seen in car shows with my dad. What I got was an old 78 Bonnaville. In the end... that was probably the perfect car for me at that age. It was a tank. This was great for me but horrible for everyone else, since, I rarely paid sufficient attention to the road when I was driving. Terrorizing everyone on the streets.

That car came to an end when, one day, while driving home from school I had to break hard and heard a pop. The upper control arm broke and I shot right, almost running into the ditch. Since then, I have had a number of other cooler cars, but... alas I still have never owned a worthy classic. As this is the case, I find that as I get older I look at the old cars, bikes (motorcycles), and scooters, with interest in more specific styles.

All things hot rod or classic are my favorites. However, with in this huge category I've found the Rat... whatever's to be the most creative. To me they are art in of them selves, and inspire me a lot in my work. With that in mind... I give you some that I have found online and that move me.