01 March 2010

Earth Quake

Well, this post doesn't have anything to do with art. This is all about the earthquake that surely, each of you have heard about. My wife, Rojito, and myself are fine. We are still without electricity and internet. I'm writing this post from the house of our friends. The area where we live was hit hard, but not the hardest. Here in Placilla, the quake was about a 7.5 or so. Even though that's nothing to snicker at, the majority of the houses are fine and no one here in our poblaciĆ³n/town have been seriously injured or died. However, many of the houses are more than a 100 yrs old had did collapse in part, or completely. So as of this point, we are fine and waiting for the supermarkets and gas stations to open, and who knows when that will be. For now though, here are some photos of Placilla. Also, as time goes on, I'll be adding more photos. As the amount of time i have is limited to upload and post, please use my flickr link to see the photos.


Sandi V. said...

Glad to hear you're ok! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Nick said...

Thank god you're ok! I have several relatives in Santiago but thankfully they're ok too... I can't imagine going through what you guys went through! I hope everything gets back to normal soon... I'll keep you in my thoughts!

michael robertson said...

wow!...I thought of you immediately when I heard about it on the news. I'm so glad you guys are okay.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Thanks folks for the concern! We are up and running now with electricity and internet. I'm pretty sure we heard a bunch of people dancing and shouting for joy last night at 10pm when all the lights came on. I didn't realize we had all those lights in the on position. The situation here is far from good for most people, and many sectors were hit much harder than ours. I feel that there will be some serious issues for some time to come, but I will try and let you folks know how it's going in a realistic way.

Once again, thanks for worrying!
Eric M.

Zootsuitmama said...

I can't imagine how scary that was. Glad you are ok-Zootsuitmama

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog and becoming a follower!
Love your photos-

JEM 'n Tonic said...


I should thank you as well for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you like my photos. I just hope you like my art and furniture as much.