02 September 2011

What you may have missed yesterday.

Here are a few MCM post from yesterday you may have missed.

Here's one about an Eichler development that isn't really hidden, but has been overlooked, in comparison to the others. See it here.

While this one isn't particularly MCM, there is a lot of Mid-Century influence to the design. It's about a designers mix of materials to create an industrial modern look. Hey what do you know? That's what the Eames did. Still, it is really good and you should check it out here.

Mid2mod had a good post on vintage kitchens. You've probably seen the photos before, but really, who gets tired of seeing such cool interiors? Fix your peepers on em here.

This post is a MUST SEE! It has one of the coolest living room ever. You can see it here.

Also, of note is that Drawn, like always had a number of interesting post on retro inspired works. You can check them all out at

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