03 November 2011

George Perrou's Show: 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow'

With permission of George Perrou, and Elroy Artspace
As some of you may know, I myself, am an artist. How good of an artist is for you to decide. However, there are artists that I can state... are good! Why so? Because, well, the simple fact is, I and many others think so. One such artist is George Perrou.

Some of you may have heard of him, some may not have. Either way though, there is no denying he has a unique talent, and a unique style. More though, than just having a good style, his work intrigues me. As an artist myself, I am captivated by what I can't do. Mr. Perrou, definitely does, what I can't. Here's what I mean.

George Perrou has a unique ability to balance the "lack of"... with the exact amount "of". His shapes are sharp. He has vast spaces that, thru use of color, are not dead but very much alive. If these two things aren't hard enough to use correctly, he balances these shapes and colors finely on the edge of abstract fine arts, and wacky land cartoon-ism. In short, his art captivates me and makes me think not so much about an emotion, but more about it's being. That is a inspirational combination.

Seeing as though George Perrou, was and is, inspired by the post war modernistic era (aka. mid-century modernism), and some of the greatest artists that have every lived, cartoonist... he has some fine roots for inspiration and creation. These inspirations connect with most of us. More with some, and less with others. As for me, these same inspirations have always been a driving factor. For this reason, without understanding how or why, I connect well with this art. It simply feels comfortable to me. It's just like being at home. Even if it is in a George Jetson sort of place.

While recognizing George Perrou's art is important. That's just not enough. There are other important aspects to consider. One is, and always will be, to actively support artists you like when possible. While I'll not be able to attend the showing of George Perrou's art at Elroy Artspace, you just might. So, please do.

Another important point to consider, is that of Elroy Artspace. Elroy Artspace is a Gallery that really dedicates itself to the art of those who, while not there, still find fascination with the future that was to come. So, just as these artists need support, so does this truly fine gallery. With that, I tell you...STOP READING THIS, and make plans to visit this show that will be starting today Nov. 3 2011, and will continue thru December. Who knows, you may even find that one of these fine pieces by George Perrou just might end up taking you home with it.

For more information on 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow' and Elroy Artspace Gallery, please check out Elroy Artspace's 'Flashbacks of Yestermorrow' page.

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