31 October 2011

A Shelter From Stress

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Shelters are genuinely interesting to me. It's no big supprise that landscape architects tend to use them a lot. There are many shapes and styles of shelters too. Some are very taditional and some very artistic, but if designed well, and place in the right setting, they can all be a shelter from the elements. Clearly the elements that I refer to here include the natural elements of weather, but these shelters can also be good, relaxing places from the elements of the mind, and of life. Things such as stress, anxiety, and depression too.

Over the past week, I've been building a bed that I need. It's not really a bed that I want though. This bed has not turned out  at all like I had envisioned. My beds design has suffered and changed so many times now, based on materials available to me, that I don't even really recall the original design these days. Then on top of all that, the materials I'm left with which to build are not ideal, and damage easily. So, to say the least, my past two weeks have been stressful. And that's, how this topic of shelters came to mind.

I would love to have a shelter in a small grove of oak and eucalyptus trees. So, when I had worked hard, I could lay there and stare thru the slats at the clouds roll by. That, truly would be a pleasure.

It was with this soothing dream in mind that I remembered my favorite Mid-Century (MCM) shelter. I don't know how many times that I've seen this shelter of the years, but I do love it. Every time I see it, I'm just amazed at how simple, but cool it is. Is it complexly designed? Not at all, in fact, I dare say that of all things, this is a prime example of "less is more".

So, for those of you who aren't real sure how to build it on your own, here are the instructions, plus...if you ever need help, hit me up. I'm always willing to answer questions.

Hope you enjoy, and don't let one of the beams fall on you! Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to check out Populuxe Books for more mid-century/atomic oriented DIY project books.
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