12 July 2009

Why Piet Mondrian...? Why not?

We all know the art of Piet Mondrian, and most of us appreciate it. His art has always captured my attention. Not only that, but also, while watching Green Acres I find myself thinking of his art and how it became so famous while being so simplistic. By the reference to Green Acres I am not berating the art of Piet Mondrian, it's just that Lisa Douglas has a Piet Mondrian. I guess there really is a lot to be said with little, right? So I am going to follow his example and leave this post short, but hopefully, full of inspiration. Check out the art below, and...I hope you enjoy and are inspired by it.


iva yaneva said...

well, I am a firm believer in simplicity. the true genius is in producing something complete, inspirational (which we all see that this is) using as little as one can :)

JEM 'n Tonic said...

I.Y., I'm glad you enjoyed my post. By the way, I agree with you also.

lolly-jolly said...

WOW it's so cool! i've never seen furniture inspired from pere mondrian. What a surprise!:) and it has done quite nice. i prefer the one with translucent materials and the vase in original and genious to have vase and other stuff at one furniture!

Tikimama said...

Mondrian was one of the first modern artists who intrigued me. Back in the 80s, in my formative years, his artwork was really popular and you could see his influence in lots of other art and design.