21 May 2013

It's Back In It's Intended Form: Iconic Eames Molded Chair.

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I don't what to misrepresent any of this information as being of my original design. However, I am so happy to see that the Eames Molded chairs* will be going back into fabrication with fiberglass. is the hero, for me, as far as this post goes. It's because of them, that I even know about this topic.

Still, I have to say, that I am really happy. Not that I will be getting one of these any time soon. I don't know if you know..., but it's not easy finding a Herman Miller* store, or product* near me. So, for now, I just have to appreciate the craftsmanship from a distance. Knowing that, this chair in fiberglass, is a thousand times better than in a plastic form.

I've never been a big fan of the plastic. A few years ago, when I went shopping for some "modern" furniture at one of the stores in Atlanta, the sales person tried diligently to get me to buy one of the plastic molded chairs. I just couldn't do it. Granted, they are light and easy to move. Still, they just were never as comfortable to me. Growing up using laundry mats, I've sat in, who knows how many of the mass production Herman Miller, and copies, of this chair. So, I know very well, how they should fill. I sat in a ton of each style. While the style above, was fairly popular where I lived in Texas, at different stores, restaurants, and laundry mats, the short side (without armrest) model was much more popular in Georgia.

While, I understand the reasons for Herman Miller eliminating the fiberglass production in '89, I'm glad to see they've found a way to get the glass work back in the mix. Granted, anyone who's worked with fiberglass before, has to pity the workers a bit. Fiberglass work is one itchy profession, but man... that glass mesh texture in the chairs sure does give it that vintage feel. That makes it all worth while.

Once again, if you want the whole shin dig on what's going on in more detail, I tell you, check out WWW.GIZMODO.COM

 Also, check out the search results on Flickr for the search term "Eames Molded chair". It's pretty inspiring. Also, below you'll see Ebay search results for Eames Fiberglass Chair*.

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