25 May 2013

Danish Modern On My Mind

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A really strange thing has happened to me this month. Two things, in fact. First was a friend of mine that lives in BonAire (the Danish Held Island) came to visit us. While he was here, he saw my Cradenza that I had made, then noticed my Mid-century modern woodworking books* that I have. Then he proceeded to tell me that I would like BonAire because all the Danes that live have their houses furnished with the furniture that I love so much.

Second was, someone on Facebook told me that they had been looking at Danish design online (specifically Danish furniture). He then told me that it seemed to him that the Danish Modern that we put so much effort into preserving and finding seems to be standard issue for their modern day (contemporary) furniture stores. So, due to these couple of comments, I started a full on investigation into modern day Danish furniture. While effecting this investigation, I got a bit distracted and started looking at Danish Design in general. I thought, well... why not share some inspiration with the rest. With that in mind, here you go.

1) Classic Danish modern Birds from

2) A very cool photo of Danish modern plywood molded chairs from

3) Jasper Morrison: danish design Casserole pot found on
4) Contemporary Modern Mobile sculpture found on
5)Finn Juhl feature furniture from

These are just a few designs and pieces that I found interesting this morning. Hope you have an inspired weekend, and please be safe.

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