24 May 2013

First Influences: El Gato Gomez

Honestly, I do not remember the exact time in which I found El Gato Gomez*. By the time I had found her, I was already searching heavily on the net for Mid-Century Modern, or "Mod", as I thought it was called at the time. It must of been around 6 months in that I found El Gato Gomez's* works. But, WOW... how happy I was to find them.

In fact, while I appreciated all the MCM art* that I was seeing, original and revival, I was really blown away by her work. I mean, the textures, and colors, not to mention the themes... It was incredible, I mean, I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! I couldn't get enough of her works. They fit so well with all the things that I loved to look at. They were all about all the same things that inspired me.

At first, I thought that they were original vintage art. How happy I was to find that El Gato Gomez* was, and is, alive and painting. Since that time, I have yet to be disappointed. As is the case with many of my favorite artist, I had the fear that El Gato Gomez* would get a bit bored and change styles. Thankfully, that has yet to happen.

Till this day looking at El Gato's* works makes me want to pick up a brush and paint with Gouache. By the way, I REALLY DON'T LIKE PAINTING IN GOUACHE. Don't miss understand. It's not that I don't like Gouache paintings. I just don't like to use it. Even still, while I know that, looking at El Gato's paintings inspires me to pick up a brush and try. Now, for me, that's powerful inspiration.

Not only do I respect the styling and texture of the paintings by El Gato*, but I also appreciate her consistency. She never runs out of ideas it seems. Plus, El Gato* has a ton of paintings, and she turns them out so quickly. It's just so hard for me to be able to image having that kind of endless imagination.

On top of all of this, she does great sculptures too. When I just thought El Gato* was doing paintings, I was jealous enough, but then to run across an incredible sculpture and read that it was by El Gato*, that was just to much. I mean, excuse the pun please, but... then I really thought she was the cats meow.

Even after these years, I  continue to be awed by El Gato's* works. She is a painting machine. El Gato* is also very generous, in my opinion. She has always asked a fair price for her works, and continues to do so even until today.

Today, El Gato Gomez* has a number of ways that you can pick up one of these cool pieces of art. You can check out her website, check out her Ebay* store, or stop by her etsy. If you friend her on facebook, you'll also get a first hand look at the latest works, and know when they are going up on the block for purchase.

Believe me, by not checking her work out, you ARE missing something. No matter, if your interest are vintage looking head shot/portrait paintings, abstract, or sci-fi, she's got the right thing for you. She even does some still life's. Then there are those sureal, but very cool, paintings of her own paintings. I really dig those.

So, before I make to much a sap of myself, I should just say, check out El Gato Gomez's* works.

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