05 November 2007

In Orbit?

Sinatra's time... That was living! The Eames were in full swing and Vegas was as classy as it ever would be. You want to see Dino and Frankie? Try getting away from seeing them! On the screen, on the radio, and in the casinos. There's no escaping them. If they're not singing, they soon will be. If nothing else, more than likely the Rat Pack will be frequenting one of the many casinos for dinner and drinks. Better yet, possibly the famous Sinatra and
 his Pack of friends may very well be sitting on one of his modern couches in his spacious Mid-Century Modern home. Looking thru the wall of windows, across the immaculately pristine pool,
 past the dark, dry desert to see the ominous shadows of the menacing mountains of Palm Springs stretching out as if they were trying to overtake the world.

Fact of the matter is... never again will these experiences be realized to the same degree. This, however, is the reason that the Orbit In is the featured blog of today. True, the last of the Rat Pack recently past away, and for some inexplicable reason people keep razing Mid-Century buildings. As if these outstanding buildings are outdated. Why, you may ask? To put in a more modern strip mall. Makes a lot of since, doesn't it?!

There are some, however, that feel the essence of Palms Springs still lives in the style
 of the past while enjoying things of the modern world (and I use 'modern world' loosely). A few of these very people are Christy and Stan who opened their 50's motor coach in 2001 with many of the original interiors like the tile bathrooms and much of the interior elements intact. Going beyond solely keeping with the original interiors, what additions to the exterior were needed were well thought out and carefully planned so as to not detract from the fluidity of the original design. Rather, if you look closely at the photos of the complex you will find that the buildings look as Jet Set as ever.

Most of us will never have the ability to own one of the amazing Mid-Century Modern homes of Palm Springs. Serene, peaceful views of the desert contrasted with Space Age styling of Eames, Nelson, and Bertoia furnishings, not to mention the outstanding architecture, can still be enjoyed if only for a few days thanks to places such as the Orbit In.

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