14 May 2009

You Just Never Know!

As I was making the rounds of my frequented blog haunts, I noticed that there is a commonly overlooked artist that always makes me smile. When I see the art of this person I instantly have a better mood. It's really strange, also, because some of his paintings really aren't my style at all. Yet, they still make me feel better instantly. Who is this artist? His name is Karl Benjamin. 

We all know of the most famous artists that had mass exposure, the likes of which include Jim Flora, the Eames, Knoll, and, of course, Nelson. Each of these people influenced a style of life. Therefore, they all have a direct effect on my art and that of any true mid-century inspired artist. Thing is, we know and except this fact. 

Karl Benjamin, though, is different. He has influenced probably
 all of us more than we realize. I was amazed at how well known his art was to me when I started looking thru his catalog, and I had never known his name.  His art, though, isn't the most inspirational part of his persona as an artist. He really had a unique start and story. To read a great article on him and his art just make the jump.

For other art related pictures, check out my FLICKR.


veronica said...

Great post!

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Thank you very much V!

MoonDoggie said...

I can see his influence on your work :)

Tikimama said...

Love the first image especially! Never heard of Karl Benjamin, so I shall dutifully trot off to read all about him!

Tikimama said...

First of all, here's a cool article with great pix, including of his wife, dog, and house:
Secondly, Claremont is the town next to Upland, where I live! Maybe I can find some of his art on display in the area, especially since he taught at the Claremont Colleges. Now I'm on a mission to find out *where* his house is so I can 'bump' into him.

I really love his work, and I'm so grateful to you for introducing him to me.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Moondoggie, thank you for the compliment. Wether or not, it was one.

Tikimama, I am glad that I could introduce you to something so inspirational. Just share it with others. He is way to overlooked.