06 July 2009


Image is the property and copyright of Michael Robertson

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time knows that, I find the most amount of joy in finding new artists with an old style. Also, I have had the privilege of meeting and receiving comments of many such artist. In my book, some of these would clearly include Veronica Diago and as of a couple of days ago Michael Robertson.

One of the few things that I like more than finding artists such as these, is to share them with you. The reality of all things art is that, well... art speaks louder and better than words. With that being said, check out Micheals Robertson's blog  and his Etsy as soon as possible and see what's going on over there. It's worth the time. Just... don't forget to keep checking out what's going on here too. 

Photo Source: Samba for rats site


lolly-jolly said...

these that you just said about are my favourites that i found with blogging! they got the style:)

veronica said...

O.K, now I AM gonna kill you !!! I was planning to make my blog post tomorrow about Michael R too !!!! It's too late now, you took my idea. I found him through Dante's blog and I love his work...

Stop copying me Eric !!!!!!!!!!!!


JEM 'n Tonic said...
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JEM 'n Tonic said...

V, I'm sorry! Well... kinda. I found out about M.R. because he left a comment on one of my post, and I just had to let everyone know about his art. Some of his friends linked on his blog are Really good also.

Lolly-Jolly, I agree with you 100%.

veronica said...

hahaha...I'm just kidding. Oh! J/K, I remember.

Hey, I love how your buffet/dresser is coming out.


JEM 'n Tonic said...

Thanks V! I've been working hard on my buffet. I've also been working on my sculptures a lot lately too. I just did a piece of wall art (sculpture???) that you should see in a couple of days on here and flickr. I have also posted some sculpture drawings/doodles on my flickr also. Check them out.

Tikimama said...

Thanks for giving me ANOTHER artist and blog to get into (heavy sarcasm)! Actually, discovering artists that are new (at least to me) is one of my great joys too!

I'm so flattered that you include me in your artist list. I'll just have to keep trying now, I guess. :) Did you see the little tiki I painted and posted about a few days ago? Pretty proud of that one, actually.

I'm off to check out Mr. MR's blog now...but I promise to come back. ;)

Tikimama said...

Came back to say thanks, JEM! Love his work!