27 August 2009

As Time Goes On

As promised, I have been working like crazy. I think that my recent works have been turning out quite well. It's amazing what you can do with, oh I don't know, a bunch of free time, some tools, wood, and of course the loving wife looking out the door to make sure your not slacking. Not really, she does look out the door, but just to see what I'm cook'n up next.

So, I think the most amazing thing of late is, my bowl I carved. It's the
first one I've ever done. The cool thing is, I think it's the only piece of art I've every done that turned out just the way I wanted it to. Usually my art turns out similar to my original design but with some change by design or mandate of material. In other words I mess up a lot and have learned how to incorporate it into my work.

Another good thing about my work this week is, I'm not pre-designing. Upon arriving to my work station, I associate with all my tools for a moment around the coffee pot and then... that's right, I have a long conversation with my material to discuss it's future. As of late we haven't even fought. That being the case, I just cut a piece of board off and start shaping it. It's a lot of fun.

As was mentioned before, in earlier posts, I am still going to start my etsy, but I have to have better photos, so I hope this weekend my pa-in-law, Rojito (dig those 70's safety glasses), and myself will be able to figure out how to take the best photos of my pieces with a decent back drop. For now though, here are some good photos of what I've done. There are also more photos on my Flickr. Check em out.


MoonDoggie said...

Nice work - you've really put your mind to doing this, haven't you?

Keep those creative juices flowing but maybe cut down on talking to your tools... :P

Rojito said...

Talking to wood does help I have come to realize. But so do Blizzards. I think I might rely on the latter. But you know, I am the one wearing the 70s safety glasses when I could use the newer pair sitting beside them...

Tikimama said...

I'm quite partial to the sculptures in the first and last photos, and the bowl is awesome!

Good luck with the photos - a plain sheet can make a decent backdrop if you're stuck.