18 August 2009

I'm Here!

Back in the USSR....? Umm... no, the USA. That's right! I'm here in the States. That means that I will start working tomorrow. Well, I guess that's not completely true, just because, I bought some Oak wood and some finishing materials today. Either way I will have more sculptures and wall art done soon.

The art that will be coming up will be the beginning of, what I hope to be, a long string of it. My wife and I will be here for will be here in Georgia for about 2 months, and my focus is on sculpting, building, and finishing as many wood art pieces as possible. I also will be looking thru the art that I have done in the past, and I'll be utilizing some designs that you wonderful folks have never seen. Along with all of that, I will be posting regularly on the process and progression of the pieces I am making.

Currently, I am still trying to get some of my tool and material details taken care of, and then.... ZZOOOMMM! Off we go. As new ideas and designs come up, I will make sure you all are involved.



veronica said...

Wow...your home again!!!! I'm happy for you and your wife...Good luck on all your plans...keep us updated !!!!


p.s Have you ever tried to sneak in as many blogs as possible and t become their follower ? They'll get back to you and become your followers as well...more traffic to your blog ... more contacts ...more sales...

I know you that, I'm no genius, but it's good to remember. That's how I got most of my followers !

Tikimama said...

Cool! Welcome back to the States - must be HOT and HUMID down there in Georgia. I think you've mentioned before that you used to live there, right? Are you visiting family?

I noticed you've updated your About Me section - looks very professional now!

You know, I'm going to keep bugging you to see pictures of new projects, so get those tools in order and get busy!

JEM 'n Tonic said...

V, Thank you, we are happy to be home as well. I'm working on getting things to the point I need them. However, we are happy to be home as well.

I will try your idea for getting followers as well.

Tikimama, we did indeed live here before. We are staying with my in-laws, who are great people and easy to get along with. Living with Rojito, on the other hand.... man, that's a challenge. We also visit my parents frequently. My in-laws just have more space, you know.

I glad that you noticed my profile update. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice.

Also, I know that you are looking forward to my new projects, so, I will get right on it.

Rojito said...

Heavens to Name-Calling! I've been Talked About!!

You know that you need me to be your su-carpenter. You know, like a su-chef, only with carpentry. :) You will get over it soon enough once you see how my help is helping you to turn out more pieces that your lovely followers want to see.

See? I am good to keep around. Rojito to the rescue! Am I right or am I right?