20 September 2011

Simple, but Sweet. Mr. California Clothing

"Classic Leisurewear For The Modern Man."  
Photo Source: Mr. California

I have to say that my order of design and style list goes as follows:
  1. Wood: Sculptures, furniture, paintings
  2. Clothing of Swing, Lounge, Mod
  3. Architecture
Then the list goes on from there. As you can see, my #2 favorite design subject is clothing. When we lived in the states, I was always looking for that perfect suit, leisure shirt, pleated swing/leisure slacks, loafers, chukka boots, fedora, or Ricky jacket.  Some of these I found with time. Others I found, but just did want to spend the money. Even today, while not living in a place that I'm willing to where my vintage stuff, I still love clothes. I don't know why, but I do.

In my interview with Chimay Bleue I asked where he shopped for Mid-Century/Vintage styled clothing. He answered with many of the brands that I personally wear like Ben Sherman, and Original Penguin. He also mentioned Brooks Brothers, which I know about, but have never purchased from. I have had a few of there pieces from thrift stores and found them comfortable, but I always found a vintage suit that I just liked better. 

During the interview though, he mentioned another company that I had never heard of. He named Mr. California. So, as I was prepping the post for publishing, I had to get the site address to Mr. California. While there, I took the time to look around a bit. What I found was very nice.

While Mr. California doesn't have, what I would call, a very large selection, the options are very complete. You can find a shirt for any occasion. Their pricing wasn't really out of line with the other companies that you may buy from like Penguin or Ben Sherman, but you are limited to just shirts, and a jacket. Not jackets, just a jacket. At least online. One cool thing about Mr. California though is that their shirts and jacket do have cool chevrons, crest, and like designs embroidered on the chests. 

Since I've never owned a piece by Mr. California, I can't vouch for the quality.There are few factors that make me confident though in their product. First, the site makes it very clear that the product is select, and not for every man. Second, the emphasis they put on their originality, and their following the original design. Third and final, all the products are made in California. Generally speaking, if a company goes thru some much effort to let people know that their product isn't for just anybody, they stick to original design, and they only produce product in a domestic setting, they probably watch the their produce quality control pretty tightly. Now, I'm not saying they're all that, but they just might be. So, go check them out, and let me know if they are all they say they are.


Darren said...

Thanks for featuring this company on your blog. They do a wonderful job, using vintage designs, and the quality if first-rate. I have many pieces from them and can highly recommend their clothing.

Eric McGrew said...

Darren, I really think they stick with the style, and that's hard to find these days. So...THANK YOU for mentioning them.