03 October 2011

Here's what the slab is all about.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post called "Perfect Slabs, What's it all mean?". So here's what it all means...

As an artist, designer, and craftsman, I find joy in many different styles. However, of all the styles of art that I enjoy, things made of wood always attract my attention most. Of all the different styles of wood objects and furniture, live edge or natural slab are my favorites.

One of the strange things about live edge furniture though, is that it is hard to find many that by look like they are clearly Mid-Century. Clearly, anyone who has been around for a while instantly knows George Nakashima's work. Because of knowledge, one associates his work as Mid-Century. However, as I've looked at many live edge pieces I see that many of the contemporary pieces have the same characteristics of Mid-Century live edge works.

Mid-Century or not, a well finished piece of wood is something that I find extremely beautiful. Not more beautiful than my wife, but still, something that inspires awe. In the near future I will building a few things with live edge wood. I have a bed in mind, an end/coffee table, and at least one desk. As I'm a very visual person, I generally like to get my creative senses going by looking at truly inspiring live edge furniture. So, I hope you like the following photos. To start off with, I'm going to feature a piece from J.Rusten Furniture Studio's. All other pieces shown after that are piece from different designers.

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