29 October 2011

It's Yummy Fresh...

It's definately Yummy and Fresh, but the question is, do you know about it? Or, maybe the question is, do you remember to consume it's delicious flavors regularly?

Ok, so I'm not talking about regular food. What am I talking about then? The food of illustrators, artists, and their enthusiasts. I'm talking about probably one of the most comprehensive Illustration blogs on the planet, and they just so happen to focus on a lot of designer that have a Mid-Century style. I'm talking about Grain Edit, or Yummy Fresh Grain Feed as it's called in the RSS feed.

If you don't know about this blog, you should really check it out. Grain Edit is a very professional blog that has showed over time that they have the contacts, and even more importantly, the knowledge that it takes to keep providing us with what we want to see.

As a designer myself, I'm constantly looking for that inspiration that is more than eye candy. I look for those illustrators and artists that make me think twice about their work, the detail, and the difficulty or simplicity that compel me to think. Grain Edit does this, and they do it very well.

Along with showing latest finds or the newest works from known artist, they also seek out the new up and coming illustrators.  Interviews with many of the artists featured on their site plays a big part in their influence on the illustration/design world as well. This gives a unique look into the artist motivations, and views that drive their individual style by each artists view of the world.

To be sure, Grain Edit is not lacking in expertise, contacts, or knowledge of the industry. Here you will find over a hundred pages of blog post dedicated to the wonderful world of retro styled illustrators and their art. Really...I never get tired of going back and studying the works listed there.

Grain Edit is also well know for their own works and compilation books with other artists. Therefore, if you have the desire to own a retro looking piece at a reasonable cost, would like to have a cool coffee table book,  you can check out their store and select what you'd like to buy. On the site Grain Edit also puts up a suggested poster for the viewers to consider, and you can even search for a design job if you'd like to also.

Well, with all that being said, I hope you can see a little of why I like this blog so well. To understand completely though, you really need to stop by and browse for yourself.

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