18 June 2013

A Few Pieces I Thought You Might Dig

Amidst Mod is about all things Mid-century Modern in design, and influence and as I go thru all my searches, I find that there are a number of independent design studios, individuals, and small designers that create truly mcm inspired pieces. So inspired in fact, that if you can get past the designers name, the fact that it's not a known design, and that they are not 50-70's year old, you might just like having them as accents in your retro/mid-century inspired home. 

I dig thru a lot of sites looking to bring you all the best designs that I can find of the original Mid-Century Modern and the Mid-Century revival. This is no small feat, and I enjoy it immensely.

Today, I'm bringing you a grouping of items that I have found on Each of these items are inspired by, but not from, that wonderful space age era known as Mid-Century Modern. So, forget the vintage/collection value, the name, and the year. Just sit back and enjoy the design. I mean, that's what drew us to Mid-century modern before we knew about the designers, and their names, right?

*Before looking any further, please note that all photos are the property of the designers/studios/companies mentioned for each piece.  Also, none of the featured designers/studios/companies are offering any reimbursement for the publicity of their products on this site. All features of Amidst Mod post are done on a, "because I want to basis", and not based on a monetary agreements.

 This Stereo Turntable Cabinet  is from OrWaDesigns. It is a Mid-Century inspired stereo cabinet. One that, from the looks of it, could have actually been produced in the era of Hi-Fi stereos.

This one measures 48" long x 32" tall x 20" deep. It also comes in other colors of stain, so make sure you go by and check this pieces out.

These "Cats Cradle Coffee Table Bases" from Popcelona are a really nice piece to look at if you happen to find a great natural edge slab piece and want to use it as a table, but don't know a thing about wood working or leg making.
Having clean welds and nice paint marks these interesting bases with an even more outstanding looking.

This Boomerang Coffee Table from Arboriform is a really nice piece that could really set a mid-century or retro interior in the right mood. Arboriform offers this table with matching edges and in a couple of material options. Being as beautifully crafted as it is, it's a definite focal piece that desires to be shown off. 

Peter Deeble's Danish Modern Turned Leg Bed is a beautiful and useful bed that would complete the most modern of the mid-century bedrooms your could create. It not only looks great, but it can be made to your specifications. Such things as mattress height, mattress size, and height off the floor can all be adjusted to your desired specifications as this well crafted piece is being made. For more info, check out the links above.

Did you miss out on that awesome vintage mid-century modern buffet/credenza? Well, cheer up.  Yoshihara Furniture NW's Media Credenza could be sold in any MCM furniture with the most talented mcm furniture buyers wondering if this isn't just a model that they may have missed in their studies. So, take a look for yourself, and put your mid-century modern know-it-all friends to the real test. 

GoRetroMod has put together a Danish Modern styled sofa bed that will make any of us less distressed that we decided not to pick up "the one" Danish Modern sofa bed at that mid-century furniture store. Plus, with this piece, you can even choose color combinations, and the springs won't even be worn out. 

The Don Draper Desk by OrWaDesigns is, yet another design that this designer has defined by the use of clear  Mid-century influences.  As this desk is offered in multiple stains, you will be able to match your desk to the accessories you found from all those little shops over the years with out having to wait, hoping for the right desk to come your way by chance.

This gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Styled End Table by GCoulsonFurniture is very unique and beautifully finished. While making a very bold statement of individualistic style, yet keeping the line and symmetry classically mid-century modern, owning this piece would make your interior a truly unique showcase of mid-century modern styling and taste. Showing a truly artistic take on an old, but not dead design mentality.

Danish Mid Century Modern Bed by Peter Deeble is yet another breath takingly beautiful Danish styled bed that could pass off as an original Mid-Century Modern piece. Being made to specific size for each client, it shouldn't be hard to find the fit that you would want for your own room, or that of your design conscious friends.

Todd Fillingham has done it! He has created this wonder Deck Chair that will fit whatever Mid-century Styled cabin, vacation home, or residence you can buy or conceive. And that's no small feat. Believe me... I know from experience how hard it is to find decent outdoor deck furniture that fits the mid-century modern feel. With this chair though, there's no need to worry. It's a dead ringer for this genre, and looks comfortable too.

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