07 November 2011

It's Coming Back To Me Now...

I guess as I get older, I just don't remember as much as I used to. Could it be though, I'm just on the internet or "e-net" ,as a friends dad calls it, to much?( Nobody knows way E-net.)

You've probably experienced the same thing. Something catches your eye, and you think, this is cool,I've got to share that. Two seconds later, the same thing happens again, and first thing you found, went out the window. Well...that's what happened to me with this site. I fond it, and then...there it went out the mental window. Thanks to the "e-net" being so small though and everything (insert sarcasm here), I found it once again. In fact, facebook brought it back to me. What was it...? Anticipation building. Ooooh... Click here to keep reading.

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