09 June 2013

Eames Plywood Lounge: Impressive In Every Process

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It's impressive to me how that Charles and Ray Eames could work out molding processes of plywood so early on. Especially, when we consider the complexity of the designs that they had engineered. Today, those complexities are much more automated than they where back in the beginning, but the making of an Eames Lounge is no less impressive. Precision is of maximum importance. From the cut of the frame to the depth of the buttons on the upholstery, every thing is measure and precise.

So, if you've wondered how these incredible pieces of functional Mid-Century Art are made, here is your opportunity to find out. Here is also your opportunity to see why buying a Herman Miller^ Eames Lounge is a decision well worth pondering. If you are interested in buying a  Herman Miller^ made Eames Lounge, you can be assured the money will be an investment, rather than just an expense on furniture.

^I am not sponsored nor paid for my promotion of Herman Miller products over other manufactures. From seeing the process, and having had Herman Miller products, I believe in their quality.

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