13 June 2013

Modern Retro Appliances: Dualit

Not all technology of the past is so bad. I mean, they got man to the moon right? Well, even with such advances of the 50's/60's as getting men to the moon, we can say that not all technology of the mid-century era was the most efficient. One such difference in efficiency can be clearly seen in the energy uses of mid-century appliances. Everything from the can opener to the refrigerator had a nasty habit of sucking the juice right out of your wallet, right thru your electric bill.

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Today however, there a number of interesting options that one might want to look into. One such option is buying products from one of the modern brands that models themselves after vintage designs. Dualit is one such company. While their products are not 100% modeled after the vintage styling of the mid-century era, they do have tendencies to show the influence of early electrical appliances in their current designs. This mix allows for the design you would want in a mid-century/retro interior, but with the efficiency of modern electronic appliances.

Clearly, with any new (contemporary) product, you have to take into consideration the ideal they have in producing and selling a product. Much of the modern day product line offered is much less sturdy. Use of plastics instead of glass or metal is quite common, and this also effects not only the price, but the durability of said product.

Therefore, if you are looking for a contemporary appliance, with the flair of the vintage styling you like so much, this may just be the product for you. Dualit has a large product line including Toasters, mixers, blenders, juicers, coffee makers, coffee grinders, scales, electric ovens and friers. Some of the lines that Dualit offer are more on the commercial line. However, many of the smaller appliances are specifically designed for home use.

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One instance of the residential designed appliance is their toaster line and hand mixer line. Both of these are very vintage in look. While the coffee makers/grinders, and the juicers have a retro influence in design, they clearly are less vintage in appearance than the mixers and toasters.

To see a fuller line of products they offer, I recommend looking at the 2012 product catalog here. (not an affiliate) also has a seemingly nice selection of Dualit home appliances.

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