01 September 2015

Amidst Mod with Eric McGrew Ep:001 - Introduction to Eric McGrew and the show.

Hey everybody! I hope that if you're coming back to, you have been happy with the blog post that you have seen, and if this is your first time, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

For many of you, this may seem a bit awkward. I mean, I have been in contact with many of you for some time and you have helped me thru artist block, answered my design questions, and chatted with me about various different topics. Still, since I've been gone (from the Mid-Century Modern community) for some time, I figure there are a number of people who have no clue of who I am. Well, hopefully, the first episode of Amidst Mod with Eric McGrew will give you some indication. I would like to ask forgiveness for the auto quality. I was having a few problems with my mic, and had to use the iphone mic for recording. That's never ideal!

Any who, this first episode sets up a series that I am sure will be a great time to be had by all. My hopes are that it will not only be fun for me, but be entertaining, informative, and inspiring for all of you, and your Mid-century Modern interest.

Are you wondering what we will cover on the show? I bet you are...! Well, honestly, it's gonna be a mixed bag. We'll cover some DIY Mid-Century design style stuff, designers from the Mid-Century period, Contemporary Mid-Century Inspired Designers, my views and thoughts on mcm design, and some general information on objects and products that I find of interest here and there.

With that all said, I hope you watch the episode and get to know me a bit more. Please also check out my other articles here on and feel free to share, comment, and subscribe!

Thanks again!

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