18 October 2011

Mid-Centyury Room Divider DIY Plans

A few years ago I found Populuxe Books. I constantly stop by to dream about books that I want, and to get inspired by the furniture featured in the DIY Books they offer. Today, however, I found something new, but very cool. On the Populuxe Books site, there is a page called example library. On this page, you will find a ton of articles about, well...mid-century stuff. It goes over a real gambet of things. There are a number of house plans, furniture plans, and articles on interesting MCM things. These articles are taken from various books that they have for sale. I'm sure the idea is to wet your whistle. So, I'm going to share these with you.

Today, I'm featuring the room divider, because I have had a number of people ask me if I have plans for these, or to build one of these so they can see how to do it. This plan here is a built in unit. So, don't get confused. Here the idea is to make it permanent. Therefore, this may, or may not be what you want. Anyway, here's an image and the link to their page.

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