27 April 2013

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens by Mod Dog
Better Homes and Gardens, a photo by Mod Dog on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Better Homes and Gardens

Decorating Ideas 1960

Once again, better homes and gardens proves that living is, in and of itself the art of a mid-century home.

Using just one well sized, and well placed paint, this living room is decorated to an appropriate degree. Using well placed common use items such as books and decor coffee table, along with furniture of varied colors and textures, an abundance of art isn't necessary. In addition to the daily/common use items, a small selection of glass and ceramic ware is placed spaciously on the book shelf to add dimension, color and texture to an otherwise bairn space. Adding to the overall comfort and style of the room without overbalancing the aesthetic of the room. More books would work well also. However, without leaving spacing between groupings of books could easily create a top heavy fill to this room. Some links may be affiliate links that provide amidst mod with a small, but necessary income when you buy these products or products from these vendors.

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