24 April 2013

Pacific Palisades: Modernism.

Via Flickr:
This is one of those smart, stylish, modern, angled medical offices from the middle of the 20th Century. I see echoes of Frank Lloyd Wright in the overhang, and horizontal strips along the balcony.

In my imagination, I see the white gloved, high heeled women of 1958 coming here for their dental or medical appointments, someone like Kim Novak, Joan Collins or Nancy Reagan. Dr. Kildare would be waiting in his brightly lit office with a view of the mountains. Patient and doctor could step outside for a cigarette after discussing an unpleasant diagnosis. The Eldorado Convertible would be parked in the lot behind.

Not feeling so good today, there is a bug/virus running around here getting everybody unpleasantly sick. So I thought a mcm doctors office would be in tune with today. 600904_Florence Knoll Style Sofa_300x250

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