06 May 2013

Illustrating The Past And Present.

Deedee914 art on bird postcards
Art, while not necessary to live, is a great asset to your space. That is, if you can afford it. Wait though, you can....

A few years back, I started to get into mid-century digital, illustration, and abstract art. At the time, the market lacked many of the ebay, etsy, and online stores that it has today that are selling Mid-century furniture. Instead, when I search such terms as Mid-Century*, Space Age*, retro*, atomic age*, and Eames Era* art, I was treated to the bright and wonderful world of the mid-century revivalists (That's what I call them anyhow.). These are artists that were creating contemporary (new) are in the style of the mid-century era. Some of the art was a bit more modern, some of it was a bit more traditional, but all of it was inspiring. So, today, I'm going to give you a teaser as to what will be coming your way over the next few weeks.

If all goes well, I will be able to give you articles and interviews with at least a few great artist. So, let's see a bit about what it is that our contemporaries are doing for the mid-century modern revival.

At the top of the post, you'll the mid-century modern illustrated bird post cards of deedee 914. These nine post cards are a set, and can be used as postcards, note cards, greeting cards, invitation, or as classy wall art. Plus, these are a good option for inexpensive wall art. If you want to know more, check out Deedee914's etsy site. By the way, Deedee914, also has a blog I love to read here.

Art by: Edwin Wade
My next mention is Edwin Wade. This gentleman is someone I'm very happy to see still going strong. I remember when he first started on facebook, and I took a liking to his art immediately. His style, color choice, and general composition of his art makes them truly a please to look at. While Edwin has art of all different types of medium. He also is very fair about pricing.  Check out Edwin's etsy here and see what I mean.

Greg Maletic is another creative artist that, while not having a large portfolio of hanging art that he sales directly, he does have 4 disney attration themed pieces that you can download for free and then print on your own. Plus, the pdf's (1& 2) that he has saved them as, allow them to be modified for your need. While I love his work, I changed the colors of one of mine in Adobe Illustrator* to fit the color theme of my house. While the art is free, there is a licensing agreement you should read and understand. As he's giving us this incredible art, be kind enough to respect it please.

While these are not all of the mid-century revivalist artist, they are some good ones. As the blog goes on, I'll try and feature more as I have in this post, but also, as I have in the post such as my interview with Edwin Wade that you can read here.

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